Sights of the Teletskoye Lake in the Altai

Teletskoe lake in Altai is often compared withBaikal. With all the conventionality of such comparisons, similar features in these natural objects are not difficult to notice. First of all, they are similar in depth and expressiveness of nature on the surrounding coast. Attractions of the Teletskoye Lake are adorned with all advertising products of tourist structures offering trips to the Altai Mountains. This mountain reservoir is grandiose and unique. Teletskoye lake is located in a huge depression between two watershed ranges. It is located at a considerable distance from the main lines of communication, it is not so easy to get to it. This circumstance protects the natural sights of the Teletskoye Lake from the impact of various anthropogenic factors. People here are sent mainly in search of vivid impressions, and not for the development of natural resources.

sights of the Teletskoye Lake

Lake Teletskoe. Attractions on its shores.

This is the largest reservoir not only in Altai, but alsoin the whole of Southern Siberia. By the volume of pure fresh water the lake is second only to Baikal. This is due to the peculiarities of its hydrological regime. It flows into this mountain hollow of more than seventy large and small rivers and streams, the largest river is Chulyshman. And it follows from the lake in the northern part of the river Biya alone. This ensures a constant circulation of water, and this explains its unique purity and transparency. The bottom is seen at a considerable depth offshore, and the maximum depth of the lake is 325 meters. The coastline is unique in that it breaks in the water for a long time with steep cliffs. It looks very impressive. The simple attempt to enumerate at least the main sights of the Teletskoye Lake, the most expressive rocks, cliffs and canyons at the confluence of tributaries, makes it difficult. There are so many here.

 Teletskoe Lake tourist attractions
It is generally accepted as a tourist destinationwaterfalls of Kishte and Korba, as well as the Chulyshman river delta. These places are pretty beautiful, but not so much as to purposefully move towards them, without looking around. It's absurd to look for the sights of the Teletskoye Lake in some local places on its coast. It is in itself a unique attraction of the Altai and Siberia. And the way from the central regions of the country is not close.
Altai Lake Teletskoe

Altai, Lake Teletskoye. Tourist infrastructure.

On the whole coast of the reservoir there is considerablenumber of tourist bases and places specially reserved for parking. Especially a lot of them in the northern part of the lake. They are equipped with everything you need. In administrative order, stopping for overnight accommodation and tenting is prohibited in places not designated for this purpose. Categorically forbidden ignition of fires. These are the necessary measures, and they are aimed at ensuring that the Teletskoe Lake remains clean in the future. The eastern shore of the lake is an especially protected area. A significant part of it is part of the Altai State Reserve. It is forbidden to even bother to shore when traveling on a boat or kayak.