Beach vacation in November: dreams or reality?

For some reason, it is considered that November is a monthtourist calm: they say, on European beaches, even the southernmost ones - in Greece and Spain - it's already cold, and there are no snow at the ski resorts. In cities it is rainy and damp, and in the countryside even more so. However, all this is a myth: this month tourists have much to go to rest, and you can organize yourself a non-marred vacation. Moreover, November is just the time when it is possible to combine seemingly incompatible things. For example, in the southernmost European ski resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains, near the Spanish city of Granada, the skiing season begins in the second half of the last month of autumn, while the waters of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the neighboring city of Malaga are still not sufficiently cooled and suitable for comfortable bathing.

Those who appreciate beach holidays in November are waitinga wide variety of places to go on holiday. At the seaside resorts of Egypt, at last, the unbearable African heat falls, and the weather pleases quite well for the European +28 ... +30 ° C, and the waters of the Red Sea are already really refreshing, although to a minimum (+20 ° C), which will come in January is still far away. The velvet season comes in the United Arab Emirates. This country is good in November, when the evenings and nights are still summer, and the influx of tourists is not so noticeable.

Beach vacation in November is possible in Portugal,where even in the winter the sun shines and the temperature never falls below zero. Late autumn is a time for windsurfing, the weather favors first of all to fans of this sport. However, for other holidaymakers beaches at this time may seem too windy, and the sea - worrying. Canary Islands - a unique place where the summer months are not hot, and autumn is simply wonderful. Up to December, there is a stable sunny and warm weather, when the air and water temperatures are almost equal. Cyprus will be the best place to relax in the autumn, because at this time there is an opportunity to buy and sunbathe, and to explore the ancient sights of the island (because in the summer months it is problematic due to exhausting heat).

In exotic countries - Thailand, Vietnam,Indonesia, Sri Lanka - beach vacation in November is just beginning. The tropical rainy season is already over, the sky is clear, the sea calms down. And the influx of tourists beginning in the second half of December (for Christmas holidays) is not yet, and prices are pleased with their democracy. Royal palaces of Bangkok, diving and snorkeling in the islands of Phuket or Koh Samui - neither cultural attractions, nor on the beaches there are no annoying crowds. Those wishing to hang out will already find their company on the beaches of the state of Goa, and the motives of reggae do not abate on the islands of the Caribbean.

Beach holidays in November can be arranged inMexico, at the world famous resorts of Cancun and Acapulco, where the dry season also begins. Dominican Republic, Maldives, Seychelles, Cuba and Jamaica - all these countries are waiting for tourists to give them an unforgettable vacation on their white sandy beaches in the fringe of the luscious green of the tropical jungle. In Indonesia and the Philippines, the rainy season is just ending, but by the end of the month you can go there.

But rest is not limited to the beach and the sea. Fans of mountain skiing should not wait for winter - in late autumn they can go to the Alpine resorts of Zermatt and Cervinia. November 17, inaugurates the season of skiing in Austria, in the resort of Obergurgl. Where to go in November to rest people who never became skiing? The cities of Western Europe this month turn into brightly decorated for the New Year merry pre-Christmas fairs. Particularly serious about the celebration of the New Year is the Germans: on the eleventh of November at eleven o'clock local time, fairs are opening in Cologne, Mainz, Dusseldorf and other German cities.