Youth vacation in Greece on the island of Mykonos

Greece is a country of contrasts. Here, the ancient monuments and modern architectural structures coexist together. Probably, that's why it is very popular among people of different ages. Here come both pairs of retirement age, and spouses with young children, as well as large and noisy youth companies.

youth holidays in Greece

Youth rest in Greece is one of the mostwidespread trends. It should immediately be noted that belonging to youth is determined not by age, but by the soul. If a person in old age prefers a fun to usual sightseeing, then he can easily get it in a country called Greece. Youth recreation is presented here in a variety of options.

What is a youth vacation in Greece? Let us note that the most striking example of a place of such rest is the island of Mykonos. As you know, Greece is washed by the Aegean Sea, and Mykonos is located right in its center. The main entertainment city of the island is Mykonos. It was here that the most interesting and unusual night clubs and bars were concentrated. In addition, kilometers of beaches with fine white sand offer an interesting time before the evening.

greece youth holidays

The most popular beach in Mykonos isPlatis Yialos. This is the center of daytime entertainment for people who come to a youth holiday. Greece is popular not only among ordinary citizens, but also among world celebrities. Such tourists choose for themselves a beach called Psaru. Do not ignore the Greeks and those who prefer to sunbathe topless. For them, there are many beaches, among which are SuperParadayz and Elia.

Youth rest in Greece is not onlyparties after sunset, but also an acquaintance with something new and interesting. In the daytime on the island you can not only lie on the beach or bask in the warm waters of the Aegean Sea, but also to explore the local sights that can not be counted here. The island of Mykonos is one of the most ancient of those that have survived on our planet. Therefore, each pebble and each street carries a piece of history. Even the most usual walk around the city will bring an incredible amount of impressions and uncharted sensations.

youth holidays greece
In addition to walking tours are offered tours and visitsmuseums. An ideal place to acquire new knowledge on the island of Mykonos is the Archaeological Museum. Everything important and valuable that was found on the territory of Greece, was placed here. A lot of terracottas (items from colored clay of the 7th century) are in this museum. In addition to the treasury of artifacts, you should visit the Ethnographic Museum. Among its exhibits you can find a huge number of items of antique furniture, ancient musical instruments and, of course, icons.

Youth holidays in Greece - is a combination ofcultural and entertainment program. In the afternoon the tourist gets new knowledge, and in the evening he has fun in nightclubs and discos. In addition, during a stay in Mykonos you can find new friends and monogamy boys.