Where to have a better holiday in Vietnam - a review of the seasons

Now Vietnam is becoming more populara direction among Russian tourists. It is a country with a glorious past, beautiful nature, interesting culture and hospitable locals. Tourist service is growing every year, and the prices for services are pleasantly surprising. Excursions are excellent here. There are many opportunities for self-study of the country, and for travel around the edge. But most of the visitors choose beach holidays in Vietnam. Where it is better to stop and what places to visit - read in this article.

Where to have a better rest in Vietnam

If you are focused on bathing in warm waters andsunbathing under the tropical sun, but at the same time, do not mind learning a lot about the country, then focus on a factor such as climate. Vietnam is ready to receive tourists all year round. The country stretched from north to south lies immediately in several climatic zones, so when it is damp and cool in the north, in the south there is a real summer. And vice versa, when in the summer months in Ho Chi Minh City and around the rainy season, for tourists there is no question of where it is better to have a rest in Vietnam. Of course, in the north of the country.

In this climatic zone the season begins in Mayand lasts until October. At this time it is dry, the sea is calm and windless. Most tourists agree on where the best holiday in Vietnam in the summer is Halong Bay. This unique natural complex is rightly included in the list of world heritage. Thousands of small and simply tiny islands of bizarre shape seem to soar above the water surface of the bay. To look at this beauty, to be imbued with amazing energy of this place millions of tourists from all over the world come to visit.

Where is the best holiday in Vietnam?

Nearby the capital of the country - Hanoi, as well asvery interesting in the tour plan town of Haiphong. To inspect all the sights of these cities, not enough for a week. The key places are the Chua-Mot-Kot and Bach-Ma pagodas, the Kuanchyong gates, the Imperial Forbidden City. Where is the best place to have a rest in Vietnam on the north coast? In the vicinity of Thaybin, Kimshon and Thanh Hoa near the Thonky Gulf.

Rest in Vietnam where it is better

In the spring and autumn, when the north is still toocold, and in the south tropical downpours already begin, guests are ready to host the center of the country. You are not fixated on beach rest and are ready to devote much time to excursions? Then, in winter and in the summer, you will experience amazing adventures: riding on elephants, visiting snake and crocodile farms, jeep safari in the mountains and the like. Where is the best place to rest in Vietnam in its central part? Of course, in Danang. There are unique Marble Mountains, the most beautiful beaches of the country. This is the Mecca of surfers. Also well located near the resort is Hoi An, which was chosen by divers.

Where it is better to have a rest in Vietnam in the winter?Tourists break their spears, deciding which of the resorts in the southern part of the country to call the most-most-most. Opinions were divided between Phan Thiet, Long Haem, Vung Tau, Nha Chang and Fukuok. If you are a fan of diving in the world of coral reefs, then choose an island near the Cambodian border. At Fukuoka is a decent level of schools for diving, and the animal and plant underwater world is simply mesmerizing. The best time for diving here is November-May, and in Nha Trang - March-October.