Beach vacation in September is the best solution!

Beach holidays in September
September is the time, the most convenient for rest! Firstly, there are very few people on the beaches, as schoolchildren return home. Secondly, the prices for hotels, trains, planes essentially decrease. Therefore, beach vacation in September will be the best holiday.


Rest at this time of year is not in vain called velvetseason. The sea is calm. There is practically no rain, but if there is, they are short-lived and do not cause inconvenience. The sun is not so hot anymore - it's almost impossible to "burn". The water temperature is more than comfortable. In general, silence, peace, beauty!

Where to go

In principle, where the soul wants. In September, the best resort countries, such as Egypt, Turkey, Montenegro and others, are open to tourists. The climate of these countries in autumn is favorable for holidays. Especially popular is the holiday in September in Turkey due to the weather, unique vouchers and the opportunity to lie on the beach in peace and quiet.

Recently, tourists also preferto spend time in Montenegro. This is a wonderful country, famous for its vineyards, untouched forests, ancient cities and, of course, the sea. Beach vacation in September in this

Rest in September at the sea
th country will leave an indelible impression. And the unique climate of this country will help even allergy sufferers.

Here you can windsurf, fish, dive, ride a banana or a yacht. There are many entertainments and for everyone there is something that he likes.

For young people and those who like to have fun,there are cheap hotels Alexandar or Slovenska Plaza, located in Budva. Near them, along the coast, a lot of bars and dance floors are built, working in the evenings and at night. For those who prefer a holiday in September on the sea in silence and tranquility, the ideal option will be hotels in Becici, Ulcinj.

Other places to rest

It is especially worth noting Portugal. All lovers of surfing will give an unforgettable experience. In September, those wishing to master this extreme kind of entertainment will enjoy steep sea waves. Yes, surfers will be happy. But for the rest of the beach vacation in September in this country will be unsuccessful. Water in the ocean becomes cool, rains often pour, storms rage.

From the Mediterranean countries is very favorablethe climate is possessed by Jordan. Here you can bask on the warm sand of the Dead Sea. Its unique waters are able to heal from many diseases: psoriasis, asthma, rheumatic pains and others. The coast has a lot of hot springs, as well as healing mud, for which the store pays a huge amount. There are also numerous wellness centers.

Beach holidays in Vienna

Rest in September in Turkey
It is also good to spend in Spain. There the tourist is waited by affectionate azure waves and more than 500 kilometers of coast. The most popular resorts are: Costa Brava, Mallorca, Tenerife and Costa Dorado.

Do not neglect the Black Sea coastRussia, as well as Abkhazia. Beach vacation in September in this small republic - "Country of the soul" - like everyone. Although the coast is covered with pebbles, but the water is clean and transparent. The air temperature is usually +30. Abkhazia is also famous for its unique, unique nature.