Bulgaria in June: is it worth it to go?

Bulgaria blossoms bright colors in June andattracts tourists like a magnet. This European country, located in the southeast, is famous for its magnificent nature and sights. The Black Sea washes the eastern part of the country. As for the south, there are borders with other states - Turkey and Greece. Also Bulgaria is neighboring with Romania, Serbia, Macedonia. In Bulgaria there are more than 7 million people, which, of course, by Russian standards is very small. Many envy the inhabitants of this state, because they, like no one else, are available to rest in Bulgaria in June and in any other month.

Bulgaria in June

Mediterranean and continental climate

The weather in the country can be completely different independing on the territory and time of year. Bulgaria runs through two climatic zones, namely the Mediterranean and the continental. The highlands and plains of the country's territory create natural canals or barriers for very warm and cold air masses. Thus, with a relatively small area, the state is divided into areas with absolutely different weather conditions, and these zones are literally next door. The influence of the continental climate is clearly visible in the winter. At this time, snow falls from the sky endlessly. And for the summer weather in this country affects the Mediterranean climate. In June it is quite warm and there is practically no rain. Therefore, many tourists rush here this month. Rest in Bulgaria in June, some are remembered for life, because there is a lot of positive impressions.

holiday in Bulgaria in June

The first month of summer is a wonderful time for rest

June in this state is considered the mostthe right time to relax. As a rule, the air temperature in this period reaches +25 degrees. In fairness, it should be noted that rains sometimes occur in early summer, but it becomes colder by only two or three degrees. Especially beckoning in June, the beaches located on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. Famous Golden Sands is welcomed in the summer by a huge number of guests from many countries of the world. Warm transparent sea and luxurious beaches are the hallmark of Bulgaria. In June, the water temperature is in the range of +20 to +23 degrees. It's not bad at all. The sea in Bulgaria in June invariably pleases holidaymakers. It should be noted that the tourism industry in this European country occupies a worthy, high position in the service and services offered, which means that there is no doubt that hotels and establishments of this country will please even a very experienced traveler.

sea ​​in Bulgaria in June
Also, tourists are offered interesting excursions to the most remarkable places in Bulgaria. Here you can see and learn a lot of interesting information.

Balneological resorts

And this country is famous for its balneologicalresorts, where you can improve your health. Bulgaria in June provides an opportunity to receive some medical treatment. This will help unique sources on the coast, as well as in the mountains. Which of them are the most famous? Perhaps, these are the Starozagorsky and Sliven baths, the mineral waters of Velingrad and Hisar, and the springs of Sandanski. Among other things, at these resorts are spread liman mud, favorably affecting the state of the body.

June is a wonderful period for enjoying the nature of a hospitable and warm country, without exposing yourself to the torments associated with the heat and the scorching sun.

Bulgaria in June: reviews

Tourists leave a lot of feedback about thiscountry. Some of them are ambiguous. Analyzing them, we can conclude that when you go to Bulgaria in June, you can only hope for luck. Here, as luck would have it. Many go to this country in early June and are satisfied with the relatively high water temperature, in which even small children can splash. However, at the resorts located near Varna, the sea in the early summer can be cold. Therefore, it is better to choose another place to visit. Bulgaria in June does not always favor beach rest.

bulgaria in June reviews

A popular resort is Sunny Beach.The Bulgarian nature of travelers is striking in its beauty, but local residents, according to reviews, do not cause such enthusiasm. However, they can be understood: there is no normal work, most rely only on the resort period, and tourists are interested in them only while they pay. If a person is generous, then everyone will smile at him and treat him kindly. Prices for various services are also not too happy holidaymakers. In addition, vacation in Bulgaria is not very suitable for young people, because of entertainment there are only excursions, but animators, as a rule, no. From the reviews it follows that when rains are raining in Bulgaria, children and young people are left to attend all sorts of excursions, on which some are frankly bored. Young tourists prefer to swim in the sea, but Bulgaria in June upsets many of them with a gloomy sky and not too high air temperature.


Now it will be easier for you to decide whether to go to Bulgaria in June or not. Perhaps you just get stronger in your decision, and maybe you will transfer the trip to another month.