Where to go for a beach holiday in February

Long gone are the days when a vacation in Februarywas associated only with ski resorts. Thanks to the rapidly developing tourism infrastructure of different countries, you can not send bathing suits, a mask and fins far on the mezzanine, and go to the sea at any time of the year. Moreover, the beach holiday in February 2014 is predicted in the same price range as it was this year. That is, no jumps in the cost of tours are not foreseen, and you can plan your vacation and spending on it without much loss.

Beach holiday in February

Let's consider for the beginning the most budgetary beachvacation in February. Inexpensive it is possible to have a rest in Egypt. All political perturbations occur only in the capital and large cities of the country. The resorts of the Red Sea are quiet and peaceful. However, the weather can disappoint you. Rain at this time of year almost does not happen, but the sea water, gently say, is not warm - only 20 degrees, and in places where the bottom is small - 15. But the sun is already warming in summer, do not forget the protective cream. Of the two famous resorts of Egypt, we recommend choosing Sharm el-Sheikh: the mountains of the Sinai peninsula create protection against cold winds.

Beach holiday in February 2014

Similar comfortable weather conditions await you inUnited Arab Emirates. There, a beach holiday in February means warmer air than in Egypt (+ 25), but also a colder sea. However, the service in the UAE is much higher than in the North African country. Each hotel has heated pools, water parks operate at the resorts. If you have chosen the UAE, then the warmest resort in this country is Fujairah. Nights still do not allow to forget that in the yard - winter. Bring a warm sweater or a windbreaker.

Beach holiday in February will be reallycloudless in exotic countries. In the regions close to the equator there are only two seasons - dry and wet. February is ubiquitous in this climatic zone is a very good month. The sea is calm, the sky is clear, the temperature and air, and the water is approaching + 28. But it also means that the last month of winter here is the peak of the season. And this circumstance affects the prices and the occupancy of the beaches. South-East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, South Vietnam, Taiwan and Hainan) is interesting because in February the Chinese New Year is being celebrated here.

Beach holidays in February cheap
Beach vacation in February in Europe is also possible. It's the Canary Islands. Although they belong to Europe administratively, they are not far from the hot African coast. Juicy vegetation, mild climate, service at the highest level - your vacation on the islands will be ideal. This Christian region in February with pomp notes the beginning of Lent. Every year thousands of tourists come to admire the carnival.

The most chic beach holiday in February is waitingVIP clients in the Maldives and Seychelles, in the southern part of the Indian state of Goa, in the Bahamas and in French Polynesia. Secluded bungalows on stilts in the sea, turquoise lagoons of atolls, spas and boutique hotels will make the honeymoon unforgettable. It's good for those who are looking for romance, tranquility and unity with nature. You will also find excellent conditions in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Brazil. There, beach holidays can be combined with a rich excursion program.