The Trostenskoye lake. A place for fishing and family recreation.

Not far from the small village of Onufrievo, onone of the slopes of the Klin-Dmitrov ridge, in a basin formed by high hills of glacial origin, is the lake Trostenskoye, the third largest in the Moscow region. Despite the relatively large area (7.3 sq. Km), its maximum depth hardly reaches 3-4 meters, but the bottom is very muddy, and the banks are swamped. The name of the reservoir was given by local residents because of the abundance of reed vegetation around the lake. This quiet clean place is located away from large and noisy roads and settlements.

lake Trosten
History of origin, settlement and use

Lake Trostensko currently representsis the remainder of a very large reservoir remaining after the last ice age, he used to occupy the entire hollow. Near it, human sites appeared as early as the Stone Age, and archaeologists have found more than one burial of ancient people’s settlements. The rivers flowing into the lake were traded, and the forest was floated to Moscow. In the 14th century, Lake Trostenskoye became the battlefield between the Moscow principality and the Lithuanian. In the 16th century, this reservoir was taken over by the monasteries and remained for a long time the property of the church. During the Second World War, fierce fighting took place in the vicinity of the lake. Under the Soviet Union (in 1966) a reserve was organized here, which was under the jurisdiction of

Trostenskoe lake photo
Military Hunting Society. Two fishing bases rented boats from which visitors could fish, or enjoy the views that Trostenskoe lake gives. But, unfortunately, the bases were eliminated in 2006.

Flora and fauna

As already mentioned, the lake is surrounded by thickthickets of reeds, but also woody vegetation is sufficiently developed. Although the species composition was severely damaged after massive logging in the past, the forest has almost completely lost valuable tree species. For 150-200 meters to the shore, the forest turns into reeds, sedges and reeds. From the shallow vegetation, the lake Trostenskoe boasts rare species, some of which are included in the Red Book of the Moscow Region. The pond is rich in ichthyofauna, it was she who attracted and still attracts fishermen from all over the region and beyond. Perch and roach are most abundant, but fish live here.

Trostenskoe lake fishing
and larger ones such as pike, burbot, bream, and ide. By the end of the 20th century, because of poaching, fish stocks have declined sharply, the situation has become complicated due to the closure of fishing bases and weakening of state control. But oddly enough, it is Lake Trostenskoe that is famous for fish.

Fishing and recreation

Thanks to good ecology and rich compositionThe ichthyofauna of the Trostenskoye lake, whose photos are notable for their beauty, attracts many fishermen and tourists. A series of rivers will flow into the reservoir, but, remarkably, a river also flows out of it, it is called Ozerna. The nearest town (Onufriev village) is located 1000 meters to the southeast. Previously, fishing bases provided visitors with everything they needed, but now, if you decide to fish, you will have to carry both the boat and the tent with you. This place is great for family holidays in nature. You can agree on housing with the locals, and you can relax in the “savages” in tents around the fire.