Most popular excursions in Bulgaria

Excursions in Bulgaria are one of the mainways to diversify ski or beach vacation. Certainly, there is much more opportunity to get acquainted with this country, its natural sights, national color, rich history and architectural monuments in the summer season. Resting in Sunny Beach, as well as Golden Sands, you can visit all the interesting places, go to a pirate party or in a jeep safari, go fishing on a yacht, and play paintball.

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Some excursions in Bulgaria, for example, inRila Monastery and Sofia (with a stop in Plovdiv and Pleven) are stretched for a couple of days, which warn tourists in advance. But before you go on a trip to this country by bus, you need to calculate your own strength. To kids such trips, with rising at 6 am, and also by arrival around 2 am, will become a burden. Some physical training requires a climb up the high steps to the famous monument to the defenders, located on the Shipka Pass. In addition to a large number of stone steps, you will have to face the cold and strong winds at the very top.

Popular excursions in Bulgaria

The greatest demand among tourists isvarious excursions, including a trip to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, as well as to the Rila Monastery. The cost of such programs is about 120 euros (some tour operators give children a fifty percent discount). This tour is one of the most expensive. It includes a visit to the most ancient European city of Plovdiv, which is periodically replaced by a visit to Rupite - a small town where the famous prophetess Vanga lived.

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Talking further about what kind of excursions in Bulgariathe most popular, you can also highlight the city of Veliko Tarnovo - the ancient Bulgarian capital. His visit is mostly combined with a visit to the Rose Valley, and also with a walk in the Shipka Pass. "Sound and Light" is an audiovisual play, on which everyone can visit, coming to Veliko Tarnovo with an excursion, as this is one of the main attractions. Due to modern technologies the medieval fortress "Tsarevets" comes to life.

These are inexpensive excursions in Bulgaria. Prices for them barely reach 90 euros. But choosing a route, it is necessary to remember that there is no sense to go to the Rose Valley separately, as roses here bloom only in May-June, while Bulgarian cosmetics, the main component of which is the oil of these flowers, can be purchased in almost every store.

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Excursions in Bulgaria in the ancient part of the cityNessebar, protected by UNESCO, are no less interesting. They cost about thirty-six euros. However, those living near Sunny Beach will be paid much less for it, since Nessebar is near the resort. But vacationers in the resort of Golden Sands can independently get to the port city of Varna and Aladzhi - a medieval monastery, since all this is close to the main recreation area.

Many of the fascinating places in Bulgaria can be visited without taking a tour. For example, to get from Golden Sands to Aladji on foot, you need to go a little more than four kilometers.