Belmare Hotel 3 * (Greece / Rhodes): photo, reviews

Anywhere in Greece can be unforgettable andinteresting to spend time. We invite you to the beautiful and legendary island of Rhodes, where, according to myths, a developed civilization existed for 14 centuries before Christ. Among its many hotels we chose Belmare Hotel 3 * - a small, inexpensive, but, according to our tourists, in all respects worthy. This nice place has a lot of advantages that turn the rest into a series of carefree happy days. But he also has a number of features, which it is useful to know in advance.


Every tourist who goes to Greece, dreamsget something from your vacation. Some go for the sake of the sea, others crave entertainment, the third is interesting shopping, and the fourth attract unique attractions. Belmare Hotel 3 * is most suitable for those who like harmonious, measured rest on the seaside of the subtropics away from the hustle and bustle of megacities.

Belmare Hotel 3
The hotel is built on the southeast side of Rhodes,near the small village of Lardos. On a straight line to its center - 2 km, and on the road - slightly less than three. Lovers of antiquities will like the fact that the most famous after Athens Greek city of Lindos from the hotel is not more than 6 km along the road. But for those who plan to have fun on nightclubs in the nightclubs, Belmare is not very suitable, because there are practically no entertainment centers in its immediate vicinity. Rhodes - the eponymous capital of the island, which can not be visited, is located not very far from the hotel, namely at 52 km, which is more convenient and cheaper to overcome on regular buses, stopping in a couple of tens of meters.

How to get there

It is enough just to get to the Belmare Hotel3 *. Rhodes is a fairly large island, so there is an excellent international airport called Diagoros. In summer, flights from dozens of Russian cities are carried out. The airport is located near the village of Parasidi, 14 km from the capital of Rhodes. Direct from Diagoros to the hotel is only 35 km, which is reported by many advertising brochures. But the village of Parasidi lies in the north-west of the island, and there are no roads to its opposite side, there is only a very winding road of local importance. Therefore, in a detour from the airport to the hotel to go about 55 km. Tourists are delivered to the site of transfers of meeting travel agencies that have sold tickets. Those who booked a room in the hotel independently, you can reach it by taxi or from Rhodes by bus to Lardos, and then take a taxi.

Belmare Hotel 3 Rhodes


Belmare Hotel 3 * looks pretty. The photo shows a two-story white building in Greek style, with a facade decorated with greenery. The hotel opened in 1993, but here, literally every year before the start of the season, they make the necessary repairs, ennoble the territory, check the functionality of the rooms. Therefore, the age of the hotel - more than 20 years - is not felt. All tourists in their reviews note that the territory Belmare Hotel 3 * is small, but all drowning in greenery and colors. In front of the central building there is a fountain, which is illuminated in the dark and which the hotel owners are very proud of. There is also free parking near the fountain. A gorgeous garden on the territory where you can walk in the evenings or relax on the bench, the hotel does not. In the territory there is only a swimming pool and an open terrace where you can eat or just sit and admire the nature around.


Belmare Hotel 3 * (about. Rhodes, Lardos) is a classic Greek "troika", where traditionally the main attention is paid to the comfort of the guests, the cleanliness of all rooms and the territory as a whole, the creation of a friendly home atmosphere. In the lobby of the main building there is a reception. Staff communicate in Greek and English. Here you can leave the suitcases for storage, put in the safe (fee), valuables, rent a car, call a doctor and a taxi, buy bus tickets. In the hall there is a separate sector where breakfasts are held, next to the bar. That's the entire infrastructure of the hotel.

Belmare Hotel 3 photos


Belmare Hotel 3 * offers a total of 50 rooms. Reviews about them are only good. As in most Greek "triples", the category of numbers is one - the standard, but they are for two, three and four guests. The difference lies in the area and in the number of pieces of furniture. The design of the rooms is simple but pleasant, the soundproofing is satisfactory, the windows and balcony doors are new, well closed, the balconies are very spacious, with summer furniture, but without dryers, views of the sea and the mountains that surround this area. Equipment - beds, cupboards, cabinets, mirror, chairs, table, air conditioning (free, works quietly), refrigerator (without minibar), TV with several Russian channels, electric kettle, dishes and kits for coffee and tea, Wi-Fi.

In the hygiene room there is a washbasin, a shower (in some rooms a shower cubicle, in others a tray with a curtain), a toilet. All hygiene products necessary for washing are provided.

Belmare Hotel 3 reviews

Clean rooms (according to tourists' reviews) perfectly, linen is changed strictly on schedule.


Some tour companies offer vouchers with mealsAl in Belmare Hotel 3 * (Rhodes). Reviews of tourists say that this is not entirely advisable, as next to the hotel there are nice little restaurants with a variety of Greek cuisine at reasonable prices. In the hotel the same food is somewhat monotonous. Breakfasts are continental. Their menu: cereals, milk, boiled eggs, sandwiches, salads, butter, jam, pastries. Soups, meat and fish dishes with side dishes, salads, fruit are served for lunch. For dinner, something like that for lunch, only without soups. According to the testimonies of tourists at this hotel, the choice of dishes is small, but always the freshest, deliciously cooked. In two bars (near the pool and in the hall), you can take ouzo, grape vodka (raki), wine, beer and soft drinks all day free.

As such, there is no restaurant in the hotel, meals are served either in the dining area of ​​the foyer, or on the outdoor terrace. Everywhere is always all clean, tidy, all the seats are enough, the waiters are smiling and smart.

Belmare Hotel 3 reviews

Services for children

Belmare Hotel 3 * can offer its younglodgers cots in the rooms and highchairs in the restaurant. There is nothing more for the kids in the hotel. Located on the territory of the pool is designed for adults and teenagers, as it is anywhere deep enough. Animation, playground, mini-club and nanny in Belmare are not provided. According to tourists, near the hotel there are shops where you can buy diapers and children's mixtures, and the hotel is always happy to warm up the milk or pour the right amount of boiling water.

Leisure for adults

Belmare Hotel 3 * will be an ideal place for thosetourists who do not like noise, fuss and turmoil, even festive. Life here flows smoothly and calmly, and all holidaymakers entertain themselves on their own. The hotel's infrastructure includes an outdoor swimming pool. It is always clean, as workers clean it thoroughly and every day. The depth in the pool is from 1.6 meters, the area is average. There are always umbrellas and sun beds around.

In the restaurant of the hotel several times a week, dinners are organized with live music.

Nearby is the hotel "Olive Garden", where daily entertainment are held. Belmare organizes free transfers there.

That's all the entertainment that's offered here.

Belmare Hotel 3 Rhodes Lardos


Belmare Hotel 3 * is appreciated by many tourists forclose to the sea. Before it you need to go on a direct road leading from the main entrance to the hotel. How much time to go depends on which one has the speed of movement, but even the parents of the kids and the baby carriages reached the coast in 4-5 minutes. The beach here is municipal, sun loungers and umbrellas cost 8 euro per set per day, but you can be located just on the sand on your own bedding. In Greece, all prices, and beach accessories in particular, fall with the end of the season. So in September the same set of umbrella and a couple of sunbeds costs 5 euros for the whole day. The sand on the beach is quite clean. Flooring is laid over it. At the shore there is a small strip of small pebbles, and then again sand, but individual stones under your feet may come across. The depth begins close, so you need to look after the babies. Water is as transparent as possible, but, like in the entire Aegean Sea, it only warms up by the middle of June. The beach is equipped with shower, booths, a bar and a toilet. Among the entertainment there are "cheesecake", hydrocycles, "bananas" and other attractions. In the evening, a show is held on the beach several times a week.

Hardly aside from the municipal beach there is a wide strip of "no man's land" where you can rest without any restrictions. The only nuance: there is a stony entrance to the water.

Belmare Hotel 3

Additional Information

Basically for tourists looking for a relaxing holiday withunobtrusive service, and for those who plan to travel a lot around Rhodes, Belmare Hotel 3 * is suitable. Lindos - a city, in ancient times and due to the presence of attractions vying with Athens, is located less than 6 km from the hotel. You can get there by bus for only 1.8 euros from an adult. In addition to the unique Acropolis, there are places of entertainment - bars and restaurants with live music, nightclubs. But the dimos of Lindos strictly monitors the peace in the city, so many institutions close by midnight. For enchanting night adventures you need to go to Rhodes, to which it's not quite convenient to get to, as buses run on schedule and after 9 pm work ceases. The ticket price for them is 6 euros, and for a taxi - from 100 euros per car. All this should be taken into account when buying a tour in Belmare Hotel 3 *.

Alternatively, you can rent a car, which costs from 50 euros per day. If you take a car for a longer period, the price is slightly lower.

Near the hotel in the evening there is nowhere to go for a walk. There is no embankment as such, only the beach, several taverns and residential villas. Those who wish can take a stroll to the village of Lardos, where taverns and shops are slightly larger, but there is no entertainment, even the waterfront, no.

The hotel is happy to provide a room (if there is a prepared one) at any time, without waiting for the scheduled "check in".

All guests who have a significant event (birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.) in the voucher, employees give a bottle of wine, fruit and a small gift.

Belmare Hotel 3 * (Greece, Rhodes Island, Lardos), reviews

This hotel in all travel agencies has a rating of 4.5 to 4.7 points out of 5 possible, which is an excellent indicator. Notable advantages:

- beautiful territory;

- cozy, clean, functional rooms;

- high-quality cleaning;

- free air conditioning, internet, fridge;

- high-quality food;

- clean pool;

- near the sea;

- Relative silence and peace around.

Notable shortcomings:

- there are no Russian-speaking employees;

- the food is delicious, but monotonous;

- there is practically nothing for children, even a special branch in the pool;

- There is no entertainment.