Anapa markets: description and addresses

The city of Anapa is one of the most popular Russianresorts. Annually about four million tourists from the Russian Federation, far and near abroad are vacationing here. To the services of holidaymakers - boarding houses and hotels, hotels and sanatoria, cafes, dining rooms and restaurants. The Anapa markets operate in the resort industry. On the shelves there is a wide range of products and non-food products - both local producers and European countries. Let's take a virtual walk through these unique markets and see what you can get there!

anapa markets

Central market

The largest market in Anapa is located on the streetRed Army, 13a. The sellers working here offer the guests of the resort meat delicacies and cheeses. Here you can buy fresh meat - mutton, beef, pork and poultry. Pleases resting and fishing range: a huge flounder, the famous mullet, a mullet and even the Black Sea shark katran - that's what you can get here! There are Anapa and stalls with confectionery in this market. At any time of the year, you can buy vegetables and fruits, berries and spices here! Do you want to refresh yourself on the spot? You will cook a grilled chicken, make a shish kebab from potatoes and a variety of goodies from the dough! The central market is considered to be combined, that is, in addition to food products, you can find shops with souvenirs of marine themes, clothing and footwear.

At the height of the season, this Anapa market is visited daily by thousands of visitors and residents of the city. And no one leaves here without shopping!

market in anapa

Northern market

The market of Anapa "Severny" is located on the Northernstreet. The goods here are many. Here you can get dressed from head to foot. Even if you were in such a hurry to rest, that you did not have time to bring anything for him, it does not matter! Here you can find slates, swimsuits, beach tunics, panamas, towels, fins and much more. For those who do not wish to return empty-handed from this resort town, chic clothes, souvenirs and watches are on the market. You can live here with fresh fruits and vegetables.

South market

Within walking distance of the Centralmarket, on Astrakhanskaya Street, is the Southern market of Anapa. The shopping arcades here are closed from the bad weather. Buy here you can fish, meat, vegetables and fruits. Widely presented semi-finished products - cutlets, cabbage rolls, dumplings. Several rows are occupied by industrial goods, clothing, perfumes, jewelry, beach products.

Urgently need to repair the clock or make a duplicate of the keys? You to the South market! While your watch is under repair, you can try smoked fish, shrimp and crawfish.

Eastern market

eastern market anapa

What is the Eastern market of Anapa? This is a real food paradise! It is located at the corner of Parkova Street and Anapa highway. The most popular products here are berries, vegetables, fruits and nuts. And closer to the fall in the market there are real rubble from fragrant melons and sweet watermelons!

Happy tourists in this market Anapa branded shops that offer meat, fish and dairy products.

However, enough in the Eastern market and tradingpoints with household goods. One of the most popular opens on weekends: the products of the city of Pyatigorsk are brought to the market. T-shirts, tracksuits, socks, turtlenecks, children's clothes, shirts - you can buy a new thing here at a low price.