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Mexico is a country where nature is colored by magicalcolors of eternal summer, where huge cactus grows and under the sunny tropics stretched luxurious beaches. Beach holiday in Mexico is a dream of many tourists. Its sandy beautiful beaches are considered the best in the world.

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Mexico is surrounded by oceans from two sides. Along the shoreline of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean stretches a chain of numerous beautiful beaches, giving travelers a pleasant time and allowing them to relax from stressful everyday life. Beach holiday in Mexico gives a unique opportunity to look into the rich underwater world, with its golden coral reefs and many colorful fish.

On the Pacific coast, a widefame such resorts as Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco and Los Cabos. Of these, the oldest and most popular resort is Acapulco. In previous years, he was famous for the whole world, but the rapid construction and active tourist business polluted the coastal waters. Now here mostly rest Mexicans. They like the well-developed tourist infrastructure and the opportunity to have fun - bars, restaurants and discos, working around the clock.

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In the resort of Puerto Vallarta, you can watch dolphins all year round, and from November to March there are humpback whales.

The resort of Los Cabos has gained popularity with its first-class chic hotels and luxurious golf courses.

Resorts of the Atlantic, the Caribbean coast, whereseek tourists who choose to vacation in Mexico - Cancun as well as the Riviera Maya. Here is a beautiful white sand and the cleanest water on the whole Mexican coast. Rest here come mainly Americans who chose beach holidays. In Mexico, there is a large number of underwater national parks, and many are in Cancun. The water here is clean, transparent, literally visible, every grain of sand. Also in Cancun there is a water park with the most modern attractions. The beaches of the resort are divided into 2 zones. One of them, separated from the ocean by the "island of women", is characterized by a calm sea and small waves. In the second part, the ocean freely carries its waves to the shore, and the sea is not too calm here.

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Mexican resorts are elite, hereworking highly professional and attentive staff, which will ensure you a comfortable stay. Prices in this country are quite acceptable and are in good proportion with quality. For local cuisine is characterized by a variety, here are offered dishes from beans, corn, vegetables and meat. In general, the Mexican cuisine can be said that it is quite exquisite and can please a real gourmet.

Mexicans - the people are very positive and alive, and with pleasure you will be treated with a famous drink - tequila.

But Mexico is a country in which not onlybeach vacation. In Mexico, the unique cultural and spiritual values ​​are preserved, here the travelers are expected to discover, amazing by their surprise. This includes exclusive architectural monuments, and mysterious pyramids, and temples, and colonial buildings. There are a lot of sights, and not all riddles of the country are still open.

Everything that only you have seen in fairy-tale dreams, combines leisure in Mexico. Reviews of travelers who have visited here say that you can not be bored in this country.