Vietnam - a beach holiday will please everyone!

Vietnam is considered an exotic country. For all tourists, tired of visiting traditional world recreation centers, and wishing fresh, unusual pleasures for the eyes and soul, Vietnam will do just fine. Travel on this Asian country will satisfy the sophisticated lover of exotic entertainment, which in Vietnam - a great many.

The country is part of the SoutheastAsia and is located on the peninsula of Indochina. The capital is Hanoi, and the neighbors of Vietnam are Cambodia, Laos and China. The shores of the Asian state are washed by the waters of the South China Sea.

Vietnamese beach holidays

The interest of Russiantourists to exotic Vietnam arose due to the more convenient conditions for the trip that were created in 2009. This is due to the abolition of the issuance of visas for Russian citizens, which relieved those wishing to relax in this country from the tiresome hassle of pre-collecting bale of documents.

This is not the only reason for the increasetourist flow from Russia to Vietnam. The main motives are relatively low prices for tours, and, of course, the desire to plunge into the atmosphere of a new, unexplored world of Asian natural beauty and the country's opportunities for a variety of recreation.

holiday at the sea in Vietnam

Vietnam beach holiday presents several kinds. Choose to your taste!

Vietnam. Beach vacation in a peaceful rest

If the aim of the arriving tourists is a calm, no-no-nonsense, measured relaxation, then the beaches of Nya Chang's place will suit them.

In addition, it is here that ideal conditions forfull rest with children. Lie on the hot sand of the cleanest beaches; plunge into refreshing clear sea waters; to try the best national dishes; to remove the fatigue accumulated during the labor months by substituting the body to the professionals of the wellness massage; cheerful pastime in the local posh amusement park - all these pleasures will be positively appreciated by both kids and their parents.

As an option, a dad for a couple with his son can, armed with accessories for fishing, go for a catch to the islands of Fukok, which is in the Gulf of Thailand.

Nya Chang is famous for its stunning corners, whereA real paradise for all who are keen on diving. Incredibly transparent water, visibility through the thickness of which is possible to a depth of 30 meters; a fascinating view of underwater beauty; fascinating and hazardous underwater fishing - no tourist who submerged under the water, will not remain unhappy, and will receive a huge portion of positive.

beach vacation Vietnam

Vietnam. Beach vacation for young "revelers." We have a rest!

Vietnam, whose beach holiday is combined withnoisy events - festivals, shows, evening discos, can become a favorite vacation spot for young people. A lot of memorable entertainments are prepared for this contingent. The main point of concentration of opportunities to have fun is the city of Ho Chi Minh, where the streets are full of bars, clubs, restaurants.

Do not forget about monuments of architecture and medicine

Recreation at sea Vietnam offers "dilute"excursions to historical places. For example, admire the ancient buildings of the quarters in Hanoi, enjoy the majestic views of the Palace of Independence and the Botanical Garden, located in Ho Chi Minh City.

Beach vacation Vietnam recommends combining and withimproving procedures. Many hotels are equipped with massage rooms, SPA equipment. Offer clay medicinal baths, firming the body tinctures and dietary dishes.

Undoubtedly, a trip to Vietnam can charge a lot of unforgettable impressions and provide a full-fledged wonderful rest.