How to caress a girl?

Young people who want to gain sexual experience often ask a question about how to caress a girl. This article is devoted to this article.

Preparation of the evening

If a man wants to be on top, eveningsexual comfort should not begin with bed. A woman must necessarily be rested. And give her this opportunity after work can, taking care of the dinner. Maybe it will be dinner in a restaurant, or maybe a self-service table.

How to fondle a girl
After the dinner is over, a womanrelaxed, you can go to the sofa. Do not be silent - speak. And talk mostly about it - pour compliments, but be sure to be sincere, show interest in her affairs. Listening to the girl, you can go to the action - to stroke your hands, back, offer to do a massage.

In bed

But now you have moved to bed. How to caress a girl?

If before you did everything right, the girlshe will press to you, and then you can go directly to the caresses. It is worth starting with soft touches to the neck, neck and hair. Such caresses girls really like, because in these places they have a large number of nerve endings.

How to fondle a girl
From the neck and the back of the neck you can go to the face - there toomany erogenous zones. Also excitable places are ears, fingers, back of the girl, abdomen around the navel, inner thighs. But the maximum sensitivity to gentle touches has a woman's chest.

In general, it is worth remembering that highsusceptibility to the skin in places of transition to the mucosa: the edges of the nostrils, the border of the lips, the vestibule vestibule, etc. Very exciting game called "flying butterfly", the meaning of which is to caress the eyelashes.

How to fondle a woman

But now you have moved to the chest.In the process of caresses, her sensitivity increases many times. How to caress a woman in the chest? Start with lask tongue, focusing while not only on the nipples themselves, but also around them. If the nipples are patted with your fingertips, you can notice an interesting effect, which speaks of a strong excitement of a girl, an erection of the nipples. Touching the chest, you need to remember that this zone is extremely sensitive, and it needs to be caressed very gently. Rough motions will only lead to the directly opposite effect - the excitement disappears. And it's absolutely not worth it to knead or bite the breast.

From the chest gradually go lower, approachingthe most gentle female body. How to caress a girl in the vagina? This process also requires certain knowledge, but the main advice is not to touch the unexcited clitoris. Such actions can cause discomfort and even pain. When stroking the sexual organs of a woman, diversity is necessary, since the repetition of the same caresses will not be of significant importance. Of great importance are oral caresses.


Oral caresses - the fastest way to bring a girl to orgasm. How to fondle a girl in the genital area? There are several positions that are most suitable for oral sex:

- the girl is lying on her back, and the partner is located between her legs;

- the girl sits on the edge of the bed or in the chair, and the partner settles before her on her knees;

- position 69.

The latter situation is not suitable for everyone, because not always a girl can concentrate during cunnilingus on fellatio.

Cunnilingus is better to start with light kissesclitoris and labia. Of great importance is the moistening of the clitoris, otherwise a girl may experience discomfort. Laski continue soft, cautious movements of the tongue. When you move into the vaginal area, you can not limit yourself - this area is no longer so sensitive to active activities.

To caress female genitals it is possible and fingers if it is enough greasing. However, they should not be shoved in the vagina - women do not like it, a similar process is associated with their reception with a gynecologist.

We hope that we have comprehensively answered the question of how to caress a girl, it's time to move on to practice.