How to bring a girl to jet orgasm. Councils of Philistines

Theme, frankly, quite scrupulous anddelicate. It causes constant disputes between experts, and also "litter" the Internet with numerous pornographic videos. It is about the orgasmic discharge of women, accompanied by ejaculation, which in its totality leads to the so-called jet orgasm. Let's find out what this is and how to bring the girl to a jet orgasm.

how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm
Truth or fiction?

Many women do not even know about this kind ofejaculation, remaining in ignorance, what wonderful moments at such moments give them their own bodies. In this case, the opinions of people on this issue are divided. Some believe that squirting is fiction, fantasy, delirium; others - that a jet orgasm exists, but instead of an ejaculate there is an involuntary ejection of urine during uncontrolled convulsive contraction of muscles.

Today it is absolutely certain that the femaleejaculate is the release during an orgasm of a certain amount of secret fluid. This is typical for every woman, that's just not everyone can use it ... And even about the guys and even more so do not say. Show at least one macho, who knows how to bring a girl to jet orgasm? If there are, then in very small quantities.

Sex - is an essential component of life for allpeople on the planet. And if the guys achieve orgasm - this is a spit (in the literal sense of this expression), then women are not so simple! Their sexual system is built in a special way and requires careful study. However, there is nothing difficult in this. A man who has mastered the technique of bringing women to jet orgasm, can truly be considered a lover of God.

How to satisfy the girl. Councils of Philistines

bring a girl

Dear men! If you want to become a great lover, you want your woman to dissolve in a violent orgasm, accompanied by an abundance of her secret and sweet moans, then get acquainted with a little "guidance" on this matter. So, how to bring a girl to a jet orgasm:

  • first you need to cut your nails on your fingers, and then wash them (in the sense, hands);
  • then prepare a special lubricant and stimulant point "G" (G);
  • men, do not forget to prepare towels so that your girls ejaculate with jet orgasm on them. Otherwise, splash the whole bed or sofa;
  • To bring the girl to the highest degree of bliss, recommend her to go to the toilet, carefully emptying her bowel and bladder;
  • take care of the intimate environment in which you and your lady can be sufficiently excited. Do not forget to include romantic music!

So, if the first steps on the way to knowing how to bring a girl to jet orgasm, successfully passed - immediately proceed to the "main provisions" of this "leadership".

satisfy girl tips

  • Extend the sexual prelude longer than usual, try to give excitement to reach the peak. Remember: a quality prelude performed "on conscience", lasts about 40 minutes.
  • "Wake her" point G! The most convenient position for this is missionary. Prepare her vagina, stimulating the clitoris and large labia. Then, insert two fingers into the vagina with the palm upward. Bend them, doing a scratching motion. The "GI" zone should be defined without any problems - it is a bit rude, thus different from a smooth vagina.
  • Gradually, this area of ​​the vagina of your girl will be poured with blood, you will feel it. And here it is - the moment of truth ... Long live the jet orgasm!

Immediately after that, hug your girlfriend and for a while just be with her. Because this is the most sensual and emotional moment, it is completely defenseless. Good luck to you, men!