Orange wedding bouquets: photo

Orange wedding bouquets have recently begun to enjoy a great advantage, as they embody the following qualities:

  • energy;
  • joy;
  • sunshine;
  • playfulness.

Such a bouquet ideally suits for a sunny, summer and autumn wedding. This color will be the best option for those who want their celebration to be very fun and emotional.

Symbol of orange color

When drawing up an orange wedding bouquetYou need to know what exactly this color symbolizes. An orange shade is formed by combining yellow and red colors. Many associate this shade with warmth, sunny summer days, and also with joy and energy. Orange color is considered a very good antidepressant, can dispel anxiety.

orange wedding bouquets

In various cultural traditions it was considereda symbol of the sacredness of marriage. All these designations and characteristics make this shade one of the best for making a bouquet of the bride. With him, she will feel very confident throughout the solemn event, to attract the views of the guests.

What shades are orange mixed with?

When drawing up an orange wedding bouquet, you need to know with which colors this shade is well combined. Good will be a combination with colors such as:

  • beige;
  • yellow;
  • turquoise, blue or blue;
  • white;
  • green;
  • red.

Beige with orange will help to give a certaintenderness, simplicity and refinement. Yellow-orange color will help to bring a note of warmth. Green color will help bring a certain freshness. White will help to give the basic shade a certain softness and tenderness. For a couple who appreciate adventure and likes to be in the spotlight, the combination of pink, orange and lime shades is perfect.

How to choose a composition for a bouquet of the bride?

Some believe that the wedding orange bouquet,photo of which shows all its beauty and sophistication, is appropriate only for summer or early autumn, but this is not so. Different shades of this color can be used at any time of the year, most importantly - to choose the right combination for the image of the bride and the overall style of the wedding.

In the spring orange color will impersonateawakening of nature and joy, in winter - bright emotions associated with the approach of holidays. When choosing the shades and shapes of flowers for a bouquet, you need to focus on the color and style of the dress, since the bouquet should ideally blend in with the image. In this case, it is necessary to determine the shape of the bouquet.

wedding bouquets of orange color

A classic option is a round shape,which is made up of several different types of colors, spirally arranged. This option is ideal for any style of dress, subject to the basic rules of the composition.

Original looks bouquets executed in the formhemispheres, which are round on top, and on the side - three-dimensional. Such compositions are ideal for miniature girls in a classic dress with a lush bottom. It is better for tall girls to prefer another form of bouquet.

Unusually and elegantly looks like a bouquet in the form of a ball, which is assembled on a prepared frame and fastened to the wrist of the bride with a tape. Such a bouquet is ideal for high brides.

An interesting option may be a drop-shaped ora cascading bouquet that looks like a waterfall. From the classical base down separate buds go. Especially impressive is a bouquet made of roses, orchids or callas. This option is ideal for tall girls, as well as brides in position.

What flowers to choose for a bouquet?

Wedding bouquets of orange color look simpleinimitable and exquisite, the most important thing is to choose the right flowers to make it. When assembling bouquets, you need to take into account how much time passed after cutting flowers and characteristics of different species. By type of assembly, bouquets are divided into:

  • typed;
  • portquette maker;
  • flowers on their own stems.

wedding bouquets with orange flowers

Making up wedding bouquets with orange flowers, you need to remember that the best ones are:

  • roses;
  • callas;
  • gerbera;
  • tulips;
  • orchids;
  • sunflowers;
  • chrysanthemums.

Most often for making wedding bouquetsroses are used, because their practically identical buds allow creating a round bouquet and Biedermeier. In addition, they are suitable for a sophisticated bouquet-scepter. Orange callas are very rare, which is why the bouquet will look unusual and very refined.

Beautifully look in the bouquet of the bride's orangegerbera. They can be combined in an original way with other colors or create elegant mono-compositions. Orchids embody tenderness and literally attract attention to themselves with their gentle flowering. Very fashionable are bouquets of brides from tulips, as these flowers are associated with the beauty of spring nature.

Chrysanthemums are used mainly as aadditional colors in the bouquet. They very well set off callas and roses. Very elegant and stylish look in the bouquet of sunflowers, which will help make the bouquet quite unusual.

Orange mono-bouquets of the bride

An orange wedding bouquet of a bride can be based only on one kind of flowers. Shade selected flowers can be saturated with greens, autumn leaves and even dried flowers.

wedding bouquet orange photo

You can pick the most liked orange flowers, bandaging them with ribbon and decorating the petals with beads, stones and many other floral elements.

Theme of wedding and choice of bouquet

Orange wedding bouquets can be enoughstylish and unique, as this color is simply unique and it does not have a cool shade. That is why it is associated with comfort and warmth. Such a bouquet is ideal for celebrating the autumn celebration, oriental style. You can create a bouquet not only from flowers, but also complement it with bright, saturated autumn leaves, which will help bring some variety and exquisite style.

bridal bouquet of orange flowers

In addition, orange shades perfectly complement the wedding style, bringing a juicy mandarin note to the celebration.