How to bring a woman to orgasm or small female secrets

Sooner or later every man in his life is faced with a problem: how to bring a woman to orgasm. And everyone tries to practice their own, not always right, methods in this subtle craftsmanship.

There are many ways how to bring a woman toorgasm. It is important to remember not only about physiology, but also about psychology. Achieving the desired result largely depends on the level of trust between partners. The absence of any doubt, a sense of calm - this is trust. A woman should remember that she is in gentle, but male hands. For this you can, for example, combine gentle touches, grabbing the partner's waist imperiously.

How to bring to orgasm
To partner completely relaxed, the manshould be gentle and patient. Do not attack a woman like a hungry beast. She will feel that they are going to take it by force, and there can no longer be any talk about relaxation.

Here are some simple tips on how to bring a woman to orgasm.

You always need to start with foreplay. This will serve as a guarantor that emotionally, mentally and physically a woman is ready to make love. Try not to hurry. Kiss the woman in the back. Perhaps someone will be surprised, but it gives a tremendous effect. The secret lies in the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for the right side of the back and simultaneously for strong sensations like orgasm. You can iron, kiss or even tick the feather of the spine. But do it smoothly and without hesitation.

Convulsions with orgasm
Gently caress the whole body of the partner. Slow kisses, a whisper in your ear is something that every woman will like. To achieve her orgasm is much easier when sexual tension reaches its peak.

One of the best ways to bring a woman toorgasm is oral sex. There is also no need to rush here. Start gently and with feeling, and then you can gradually speed up the pace. Language make small circles, you can gently bite the partner's sex lips and suck the clitoris. Do not doubt, after that a woman will reach the highest point of enjoyment for her.

Oral stimulation can also be applied,using your fingers. To do this, put the index and middle finger together, and then start driving them around the clitoris. You can caress the whole body of a woman with the other hand. Do not forget to listen to your partner. Her groans will tell you how to bring to orgasm. Once you understand what your actions bring her pleasure, do not stop and continue caressing.

How to bring a woman to orgasm
Important in orgasm for a woman is the pace. Best of all, when it is not too slow, but not too fast. The average pace - just what you need for orgasm. Excessively accelerated pace in the technique of sex brings women pleasure, but far from many reach orgasm.

Some women experience cramping withorgasm, blessed moans are heard from others, while others can frighten neighbors with their cries. Each is individual and requires an individual approach. Experimenting and studying the partner, you will understand how to bring a woman to orgasm.