What is management

What is management? This word is often incomprehensible to the common man in the street. This term has gradually entered everyday life and is now much more often used than the usual word "management". The development of a market economy contributed to changes in the style of top management. Widely known terms "management", "director" and "management activities" have lost their relevance. What is the management of the organization - these concepts today can not be explained easily by a more or less prepared clerk of the middle level.

In modern conditions, narrowly focusedspecialists who solve organizational issues quickly and efficiently. A director in a large organization is not always able to bring his decisions directly to the performer and even more so to monitor their execution. He is busy with more important matters, but the manager manages to do this job quickly and efficiently, often even better than the leader himself.

What is management is generally easy to explain. This action is aimed at the final result. It is due to the correct distribution of material and labor resources. The science of "management" was formed relatively recently (XIX century) and basically consists in using the practical experience of managers. There is no theory as such, but practical material is present in full.

Management - what is it? The answer to this question lies in the name itself. In translation from the American, it is treated as "management." This term is more understandable to Russian people. But, as a rule, management affects all spheres of human life, and management is only its specific part devoted to commercial activity. Literally a few years ago the management turned out to be in the state administration. Its social orientation turned out to be applicable in the social sphere. In the universities there was a specialty "manager of state and municipal management".

What is management? This is a certain activity aimed at forecasting, planning, coordination, control of personnel, its motivation, etc. All actions must be professional and clear.

Manager is the first person in the companyafter the head. On the Internet, the press, etc. there are type declarations: a sales manager, a human resources manager, a sales representative, a financial manager, a public relations manager, etc. are required. All these activities were created in connection with a special need, which has not weakened to the present day. Each manager from the above areas has a special education and is able to show his leadership, creative and organizational talents. The manager is undoubtedly a creative profession. This is a high-level specialist, a top manager, a dream of any organization, company, firm. The profession of the manager covers many fields of activity and knowledge, it combines humanitarian, economic, technical, psychological, sociocultural aspects. High professionalism of the manager, his ability to strategically think and realize his ideas is the key to the success of management, i.e. management of the company, management of its activities. Thanks to such people, the functioning of the enterprise will be successful, commercially viable and durable. In order not to raise the question "What is management?", The article presented simple, simple, accessible to any terms and concepts. Management as a specialty is chosen by many. Indeed, in our time this is one of the most popular and demanded professions. For a young specialist who understands well what management is and knows its features, career growth is guaranteed.