The Doctrine of Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA (1945)

In June 2015, Russian media spread news ofthat the decision of the City Court of Asbest, Sverdlovsk Region, the text of the document, known as the “Doctrine of Allen Dulles”, was recognized as extremist material. Accordingly, a ban was imposed on its use for any purpose. What kind of document is it that is dangerous for society, and who is Mr. Dulles, who has stained himself by creating it? Let's try to figure it out.

Allen Dulles Doctrine

Bestseller created by a young politician

Allen Dulles, whose biography was made publicthe general public only after he completed his career as the head of one of the most famous intelligence agencies in the world, called the CIA, came from a family whose representatives for many decades occupied prominent posts in the American diplomatic service.

He was born on April 7, 1893 in the city of WatertownState of New York. A curious detail, but already at the age of eight, having heard a lot of political disputes from adults, Allen put out his own point of view on paper, and his notes, published in a separate brochure, became a bestseller. In them, he in the most decisive way acted on the side of those whom he considered "offended."

Scout in the guise of a diplomat

Having graduated from Princeton University in 1914,Dulles traveled a lot, visiting India, China and the Far East. Returning to the United States, he apparently did not enter the diplomatic service with the patronage of relatives and spent the following years occupying various posts in Vienna, Berlin, and also Constantinople. As a representative of the United States, Allen participated in the negotiations related to the end of the First World War. However, by his own admission, he had to engage in intelligence rather than diplomatic activities.

In parallel with the state service AllenDulles graduated from George Washington University Law School and for a while was a member of a law firm, but, apparently, without feeling a vocation for this kind of occupation, he soon left him. Continuing his main activities during the thirties, he participated in a number of major international conferences.

Allen Dulles

Head of american intelligence

At the beginning of World War II, Dulles creditedin the state of the newly created Office of Strategic Services, and two years later he was the head of his intelligence center in Bern. However, the real turning point of his career was the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after the war, subordinated directly to the president and intended both to carry out his direct activities and to carry out covert operations. It was then, according to many researchers, that the notorious “Allen Dulles Doctrine” was conceived. 1945, thus, became the date of her birth.

Eight years spent at the head of the Americanintelligence, became the peak of his career, interrupted in 1961 after an unsuccessful attempt to invade the US armed forces in Cuba. Despite the fact that, according to experts, the main fault in the failure of the operation lay directly with the President of the United States, Dulles was dismissed.

The author of a non-existent document

Eight more years after leavingpublic service former head of the CIA became the author of several books on foreign policy, as well as a participant in many television and radio programs. It is believed that it was in them that the notorious military doctrine of Allen Dulles sounded. However, according to the researchers, such a document with his signature does not exist.

Upon more detailed consideration of the attributedto him of the doctrine related to possible military actions against the USSR, it becomes obvious that this is a memorandum prepared in August 1948 by the US National Security Council. He is often referred to as the Doctrine of Allen Dulles - Director of the CIA.

Allen Dulles Military Doctrine

1945, in which World War II endedthe war became, in fact, decisive in the matter of further relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was during this period that yesterday's allies had to make key decisions in their foreign policy. In this regard, a report attributed to Allen Dulles was heard at one of the meetings of the Congress, although, according to the researchers, he had nothing to do with him personally or with the organization he headed.

Articles of Memorandum 20/1

According to the text of this document, declassifiedthese days, and known as the Memorandum 20/1, the tasks facing the US government were divided into two groups. The first was a list of measures necessary in the event of war with the Soviet Union and victory over it. The possibility of their own defeat was not taken into account. The second group considered tasks that were to be resolved if the course of events did not lead to military confrontation.

Variant of events without military intervention

This so-called peaceful option is nonethelessenvisaged a number of specific measures aimed at reducing military power and the international influence of Moscow. Considering the USSR as a carrier of threats to peace, the memorandum outlined ways to influence its government in order to make changes in the theory and practice of its international policy.

We note in passing that own actions onthe international arena, such as organizing the overthrow of Iran’s Prime Minister Mossadegh (1953), the President of Guatemala Arbens (1954), and a number of other unwanted leaders, overseas politicians considered legitimate actions. Even the failed invasion of Cuba did not cause remorse in them.

Allen Dulles Post-War Doctrine

Power option

As for the military story of the development of eventsThis Memorandum 20/1, often presented as the “Allen Dulles Doctrine”, did not suggest the occupation of the whole country, in view of the extraordinary vastness of its territory. It also pointed out the impossibility of forcibly spreading democracy among its population in the form in which it was adopted in the West.

The reason for this was indicated by the lack of necessaryfor this historical tradition. Note that overseas analysts did not take into account the main factor - the absolute impossibility to implant anything by force into the consciousness of our people. Turning to the history of Russia, they could easily see this.

Historical fake

Now let's dwell on the document underAllen Dulles Doctrine, the text of which, according to the decision of the Asbestos City Court, with good reason is attributed to the number of extremist materials. Despite the fact that the authorship of this work, which appeared during the Cold War and was aimed at hiding the moral decay of the population of our country, is attributed to the former head of the CIA, this is a matter of definite doubt among modern researchers.

First, the English text of the document is atthe measure in the version in which he gained fame was not officially presented anywhere, and all supporters of his authenticity refer exclusively to the Russian translation. Secondly, in a detailed study of the Allen Dulles Doctrine with separate extracts, it surprisingly resembles lines from the well-known work by A.S. Ivanov's "Eternal Call", in the version that saw the light in 1981.

Allen Dulles Doctrine text

Plagiarism, issued for political thought

In particular, many researchers conductedthe parallel between what the post-war doctrine of Allen Dulles contains and the text embedded by Anatoly Ivanov in the mouth of the negative character of his novel Eternal Call - a former White Guard serving the Germans. In both cases, there are calls for the subordination of the Soviet people by means of its moral decay, and a comparison of the texts indicates their full semantic identity.

In addition, the Doctrine of Allen Dulles - DirectorThe CIA strikingly echoes the statements of the hero of the novel FM. Dostoevsky "Demons" - Peter Verkhovensky. To verify this, it suffices, opening the work, to dwell on his words that, in order to establish power over the people, he and his ilk intend to turn him into a "cruel, selfish scum."

Ways to achieve a similar goal Verkhovenskysees the planting among the broad masses of drunkenness, debauchery and informant. The main thing is the substitution of imaginary moral guidelines and actions aimed at separating the people from their original spiritual roots.

And, finally, such motifs sound in the novel by YuriDold Mihailik "The Black Knights", which appeared on the shelves of bookstores in our country in 1965. In it, one of the characters, also setting forth the paths leading to the moral degradation of society, among other measures, emphasizes the substitution of true religiosity peculiar to the people, its involvement in totalitarian sects. Moreover, in the absence of those, their immediate creation is recommended.

Allen Dulles biography

Looking for a fake author

All this, if I may say so, “programAction, to one degree or another, includes the Allen Dulles Doctrine that we are considering. There is no doubt that its text is, in fact, a plagiarism-compilation of individual excerpts taken by the author (or authors) from various Russian-language literary sources. In this regard, the authorship of the American diplomat and intelligence officer becomes even less likely.

Who, then, is the originator?provocative writings, called "Doctrine of Allen Dulles"? This question is hardly able to find a definite answer. But the goals that the author pursued become quite obvious if we turn to the early nineties, in the context of which this document became widespread.

Reduced confrontation due to restructuring

Shortly before, at the end of the eighties,the so-called cold war ended - a period of political confrontation between the countries of the Eastern camp and the Western, which was led by the United States. The notorious Iron Curtain is gone, and in the relations of the two sides not only warming, but also tendencies of obvious convergence of yesterday's opponents have become apparent.

Unfortunately, practice has shown that even in the periodthe restructuring of tension, accompanying these positive processes, did not suit everyone. Very soon, in both camps, her obvious and secret opponents were discovered, using all the means at their disposal to fight.

Transatlantic fake

It is possible that people aimingset up public opinion of the population of the CIS countries against the American government, was composed and launched into circulation some fake, presented as the "Doctrine of Allen Dulles" (director of the CIA). Despite the fact that its text is a series of excerpts from Russian-language literary works, with which a US official could hardly be familiar, it is possible that the author should still be sought across the ocean.

Allen Dulles Doctrine 1945

Arguments such as the Allen Dulles Doctrine,The CIA and ideological sabotage is quite a suitable set of “horror stories” for influencing the minds of people who have been under the influence of Soviet propaganda for many years, representing the Western world as a potential enemy. On this stereotype of thinking, overseas opponents of the positive processes that unfolded in the early nineties could well play.

The calculation was not justified to the extent thatthe creators of this fake figured out, and Allen Dulles did not become a symbol of the danger flowing from the Western world. Today, the settlement of relations between America and Russia still represents a wide field of activity for diplomats of both countries, but the reasons are of a completely different order.