Ekaterina Frolova is a famous actress

Russian cinematography is rich in talented actors of male and female.

A new star of Russian cinema

In 2005, TV screensone movie star - Catherine Frolova. She graduated in 2004 from the St. Petersburg Academy of Theater Arts. Then she started working at the Riga Russian Theater.

Ekaterina Frolova
In 2005, the director Artem Antonov noticeda young, promising actress. He invited her to star in the movie "Half-darkness" in the role of a nurse. This film describes the events of the Great Patriotic War. According to the plot, the captured Germans are forced to build a tower for the Russians. The main character - Grigory Anokhin - was sent to lead a team of Germans. He will have to face not only the hostility of local residents to the Germans, but also with himself.

Although the role of Frolova in this film is insignificant, but she played just fine.

In 2006, Ekaterina Frolova starred in theepisodic role in the film "Opera-2. Chronicles of the slaughter department. " The plot of this series tells of a serial maniac who kills different women, strangling them with a black stocking.

In 2009-2013, Ekaterina Frolova is shot in the serial film "Fire". This is a Latvian film, where the actress played Felix's wife. The plot of the series unfolds around the life in the hotel.

Life credo of a young actress

Ekaterina Frolova is an actress with a capital letter. She is constantly in active movement. She knows that the only way to maintain balance in life. What roles did she play in the theater? And each is given to her with ease: the role of the old woman, the Czar-maidens, prostitutes, Christmas trees, Foxes and so on. She starred in such theatrical productions as "L.O.E.E.", "Grandenka", "Little Prince", "Three Keys" and others.

Ekaterina Frolova actress
She is always surrounded by loyal friends, reliable support - her husband, relatives.

The brother of the actress also went in her footsteps. He works in the theater.

In her spare time Ekaterina Frolova, along with her brother, likes to go to the bowling club.