Composition on the theme "Journey". Several variants of writing on the topic of tourism

Travel - is an integral part of people's livesall times. Of course, not everyone moves from place to place to see something new. Someone was born, grew up, lived and died, not having been "for three nine lands." But we are writing an essay on the theme "Journey". So let's talk about this.

Why do people travel?

Children are interested in their own yard in the companyfriends. They do not need to leave their native land for the sake of seeing something new. While they do not know the hassles of adulthood, they do not want to change anything. If the essay on "Journey" to a schoolboy was asked for a house on a program or you need to prepare for a contest, then be sure to talk with the child about it. Maybe you and your family rarely travel? Or the child has vague ideas about why tourism is necessary?

composition on the theme of the journey

Let him talk about his ideas. If he has nothing to say, it is worth explaining something like this: "Adult people travel for some reasons: First, they want to look at the life of other peoples, see the places they dreamed of visiting; secondly, to leave from everyday vanity, forget for a while about a boring routine, work, cooking, cleaning. And of course, relax, get good impressions ".

Where do I want to go and why?

The schoolboy is given the opportunity to write aboutyour dream. But at once we will agree that "to fly into space" and "to land on the Moon" is not accepted. It's about traveling the planet. She's so beautiful! In outer space it is dark, cold, there is no oxygen and nothing earthly. So, we'll write an essay on the theme "Journey through your beloved planet."

Let us devote the text to the mountains, caves, deserts, forests. What is the most attractive? Or maybe other cities? For example, St. Petersburg. The Gulf of Finland, many canals and rivers, the city and its environs have many ports. Boys dreaming of morflot should visit this city, in particular Kronstadt.

mini essay on the theme of the journey

You can decorate a mini-work on the theme "Travel" with such words about the purposes of tourism: "It is useful for inhabitants of megacities to go out into the countryside,where clean air, river, mountains or forest. You need to appreciate your health, to love nature, to visit it. To be calm, cheerful, it is desirable to pay attention to the singing of birds, the murmur of the brook, the rustle of the leaves. More often look at flowers, berries, leaves. "

How to draw a conclusion?

Will you be engaged in tourism when you grow up? Finish the essay on "Travel" can be ideas for the future. Often you can hear: "When I grow up, I will be a great traveler and open up new places!". Perhaps the child already now dreams of becoming a guide, invites friends to make a small trip to neighboring yards or villages. It is also useful to develop talent in the direction of tourism, recreation, hikes.