Guzun Igor Georgievich - actor, teacher and artist

If a person is destined to become an actor, nothingcan prevent this. Fans of cinematography know the name of Guzun. Igor Georgievich was a teacher of drawing at the Moldavian school. He starred in several dozen films, gained experience as a screenwriter and producer.

Guzun Igor


Astrologers say that Gemini iscreative and energetic sign. It is difficult not to agree with them when it comes to Igor Georgievich. He was born on May 30, 1960. There was a time of great events: the first satellite was launched, a man was preparing to go out into space. People believed that they were waiting for a happy future. Igor Guzun grew up in this environment. From his childhood he was attracted to art.

After graduation from high school, he enrolled inPedagogical Institute, after which he became a drawing teacher. A few years later he completed acting courses in Romania. After the completion of the courses Igor Georgievich was invited to work at the film studio of Moldova.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts of Bucharest can deservedly be proud of its graduate.

Creative way

The first role Guzun Igor received shortly beforethe collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. His character was a Bandit bandit in the movie "Codri". Talent and an excellent performance of the actor were appreciated not only by the audience, but also by the directors. Roles followed one after another. There was not a single year when Igor Georgievich did not act in film.

Many actors were known and in demand in thecertain historical periods. This is not about him: Guzun enjoyed popularity in the last years of the USSR, when he was just beginning his career, both in the dashing 90s and in the more peaceful subsequent years.

Already in 2006, Guzun Igor tries himself as a screenwriter in the film "Albanian alias".

Thanks to the high level of knowledge of foreign languages ​​Igor Georgievich cooperates with American film companies. He speaks fluent English and speaks Romanian and Italian fluently.

Films and roles

Igor Georgievich played more than 30 images. Among them:

  • military;
  • bandits;
  • security guard;
  • the Minister;
  • doctor;
  • manager;
  • Joseph Stalin.

Igor Guzun

Igor Guzun, whose filmography includesdozens of works, starred in the role of Stalin 6 times! And once he portrayed his double. He perfectly plays the military, no matter who they are fighting on. And the FSB agent, the French officer, and even the bandar man - these are all his characters.

The appearance of Igor Georgievich corresponds to theseimages: high growth - 180 cm, strong constitution. Thanks to the natural dark color of hair and brown eyes, he naturally looks, playing not only Europeans, but also southerners, whom he repeatedly portrayed on the screen.

Igor Guzun is a modern and talented actor. For fans of serials in his filmography there are several works: "Three Stars", "Witch Doctor", "Witness Protection", "Spouses", "Chasing the Shadow" and others. Those wishing to evaluate his director's talent are useful to see "Bucharest-Express", where Igor Georgievich was not only an actor, but also a director. Among the films, the special sympathy of the audience is enjoyed by "Beyond the Wolves" and "Mustafa Shokai".

Igor Guzun filmography

The actor continues to work and delight fans and fans of good cinema with new roles.