City of Tambov: population, mortality, manpower

The city of Tambov is the administrative center of the Tambov region. This settlement is located in 480 km from the capital of Russia. The population of Tambov in 2016 was more than 290 thousand people.

Tambov population

The number of inhabitants has increased

According to Tambovstat statistics, in comparison withIn 2015, the birth rate in the region increased by 3.5%. Mortality rates for this period remained unchanged. For a year the population of Tambov increased by 1951 people and reached 290,365 people.

To solve the demographic problem, localthe authorities and the administration of the region implement various programs. For example, for young mothers under the age of less than 25 years, additional material assistance of 3000 rubles is provided. It is also planned to implement a project called "Tambov hectare". As part of this program, the population of the city of Tambov is planning to give out plots of land for building. Thus, local government wants to keep citizens in their own region.

Tambov population

Causes of mortality of urban population

Virtually 9% of the city's residents died due toAccident, but more than 7% of Tambov residents have died out of life by suicide. Statistical data indicate that the most common cause of death in the Tambov population has become such pathologies:

  • heart disease and circulatory system - more than 40%;
  • tumors of different origin - about 14%;
  • disorders in the central nervous system - about 11%;
  • Gastrointestinal diseases - 4%.

A little over 17% of citizens of the city died of old age.

Human Resources

Economic development of the city depends significantly onof the population of Tambov. As the statistical data of 2015 show, more than 167 thousand people of working age were recorded. Over 10 thousand organizations and a little more than 7,5 thousand entrepreneurs are registered in the territory of the region.

population of the city of Tambov

Practically 90 thousand.residents of the city are involved in the production sector, at large and medium-sized enterprises. In the manufacturing industry employs 18.7 thousand citizens. A little over 12 thousand people work in the system of public administration, in the field of social insurance and in the military sector. In the sphere of social security and public health, 11 thousand people are involved. The education system has more than 10 thousand employees.