Olga Chris Evans - Stalin's granddaughter

The leader of the people, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, hadfour children (three relatives (Yakov, Vasily and Svetlana) and one adopted son Artem) and ten grandchildren and grandchildren. His descendants today are scattered throughout the world. For example, the eldest grandson of the leader - Eugene (1936) - the son of Jacob Dzhugashvili - lives in Georgia, Alexander Burdonsky (son of Vasily Stalin) - lives in Moscow, Ekaterina Zhdanova (1950) - in Kamchatka, granddaughter of Stalin, Chris (Olga) Evans lives in the United States.

Chris Evans, granddaughter of Stalin

Sisters Catherine and Olga are not familiar with each other. Back in the early 60s, the children of Svetlana Alliluyeva, Joseph and Catherine, repudiated the mother traitor who left the USSR. And naturally, they didn’t even want to know about the birth of their younger American sister. Joseph, who had worked in a Moscow hospital for many years and was an excellent hematology specialist, died five years ago.
Catherine Zhdanova Stalin's granddaughter,
But the eldest daughter of Svetlana - Catherine Zhdanova(granddaughter of Stalin) had the reputation of “Kamchatka recluse”. She is a volcanologist, and, apart from science, she is probably not interested in anything. She probably forgot about her famous roots. After the tragic death of her husband V. Kozev, she began to lead a reclusive life. Even her only daughter and granddaughter rarely visit her. I wonder if she would like to meet her younger sister, who is suitable for her age as a daughter?

Chris Evans - Stalin's granddaughter

Involvement in the family of the great tyrant, “the leaderpeoples ”Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin brought his descendants not only fame, but also persecution. For example, his daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva (by mother) all her life was hiding from the paparazzi. Her two eldest children renounced her: Catherine and Joseph, and Olga, Stalin’s youngest granddaughter, was forced to follow her mother from one country to another. A girl was born in 1973 in New York. Her father was an American architect, William Peters. After marriage with him, Svetlana Alliluyeva became known as Lana Peters and acquired American citizenship, but she called her daughter Russian name Olga.

granddaughter of Stalin
Marriage with the architect was short. Svetlana and her daughter left for New Jersey. The girl of her Russian name and everywhere signed Chris Peters. In addition, as they covered their tracks, many did not even guess about their Soviet origin. However, after the paparazzi were able to calculate them, the mother and her daughter fled to Europe, to foggy Albion. Chris began studying at one of the Cambridge schools. Over time, the girl began to ask her mother about her past, about her grandfather, and then Svetlana told her about the crimes that the leader had committed in relation to her people. Stalin's granddaughter was shocked by what she heard and began to understand her mother better.

When Svetlana Alliluyeva publicly burned herSoviet passport and began to support dissidents, then gained unprecedented popularity in Western society, and her autobiographical book was instantly bought out, and brought her two and a half million dollars in revenue. When Chris got 13, he and his mother went to the USSR. Svetlana wanted to introduce her daughter to her brother and sister.

However, Catherine lived in Kamchatka a long time ago andNeither mother nor sister wanted to know, and brother Joseph, in spite of being a doctor, often went to the hospital himself, where he was treated for binges. Soon they returned to Britain, and 16-year-old Chris married, but did not live with her husband even for two years, she divorced him and went to her father in Wisconsin. Today, Stalin’s youngest granddaughter Olga (Chris) lives in Portland, Oregon, and owns an antique shop. Few people suspect that this forty-year-old modest woman is the granddaughter of Stalin, who won the war. This is only evidenced by the photo stored in her house, in which her famous grandfather Joseph hugs his beloved Svetochka - Chris's mother.