Plyuha - what is it? Value, synonyms, examples

Many wonderful words give us modernity. Or rather: sometimes reality adds new meanings to familiar words. Let's consider today a question on, a plow is that that such.


flop what it is

This is not the case when the word is unambiguous. The values ​​we are considering have many, as many as seven:

  1. Slap in the face for an offense or just a blow. "My son was so angry with his father that he could not restrain himself and hung a plait on him in the form of a slap."
  2. Something squashed. For example, cow excrement. The manure that fell from somewhere to the ground and found the shape of a bun.
  3. Big bun.
  4. Overshoot. "This one had to be so dishonored, such a plume allowed?".
  5. Bonuses, a pleasant moment, something that deliversjoy. "If you buy this TV, you get a lot of different plumes: a free subscription to the gym for a month, a hair dryer, as well as a discount for any purchase of 50%."
  6. It's the same as lying. "Only one thing was said in the yard about how Nikolai Petrovich bought the Mercedes. Another plume, he even has no rights. "
  7. Addicts talk about cannabis.

It is difficult to separate spoken expressions from slang, but it is clear that the values ​​4, 5, 6, 7 are jargon.

In the history of cinema, perhaps, there are many epicmoments, but from the recent Soviet past, recall the plume, which is attributed to one of the main characters in the film "Where is the nofelet?", Gennady, Val's wife. Here's a plump so flop. You can twist several times, and still will not get bored.


what is ploh jargon

Once a question about whether a plume is what is, you can not respond in one way and use only one value, then there must be a lot of substitute words for the object of research. We will see:

  • bonus;
  • nonsense;
  • zamanuha;
  • cracking;
  • crap;
  • False;
  • blunder;
  • awkwardness;
  • not true;
  • slap in the face;
  • error;
  • gift;
  • slap in the face;
  • slip;
  • thrashing;
  • hit.

The list could be more, but we decided to regret itreader, it seems that enough of these. The main thing is that a person understands the meaning of the word, and there he can, based on the situation, understand what kind of replacement will be adequate. Now the reader knows, plunk - this is what, we are sure.

Plush as yummy in the broad sense

the meaning of the word pluja

Everyone knows Carlson, who steals fromhousekeeper buns. He thought they were delicious. Then we learned that for people with a dependency of plush (what is it, already disassembled and analyzed) - this is also something associated with the pleasant. However, the word as a component of youth jargon appeared recently. The question is, who is responsible for this - a kitchen or a street. That is, the positive meaning of the word "plume" borrowed from cooks, confectioners or drug addicts? I would like to believe that the first, but it is possible that the second, knowing the people's love for everything marginal. For example, criminal jargon is still very popular among the population. There is some magic, apparently, in all these words.

What is a plume? Jargon - that's what makes understanding difficult. Let us continue the consideration of the word already on a different material.

Igor Akinfeev and his "plumes"

plums value

It is sad, but you have to apply formaterial to an open, unhealed wound - the game of the Russian national football team at the last Confederations Cup. The team's goalkeeper, famous Igor Akinfeev, once again upset the fans with his game. His mistake in the match with Mexico cost us a place in the semifinals of the tournament. It is clear that Russia would not have won the cup, but still hurt. And most importantly, the mistake of the guard of the gate is a real plume.

But probably, it's still not the most striking example. Want to find out what is plume (lingo)? Reconsider the match of the World Cup 2014 Russia - South Korea. That's where Akinfeev made a mistake so wrong. But there's nothing to be done, it's a sport. Igor can only console himself with the fact that in the teams that Fabio Capello trained, things did not go well for goalkeepers (remember Hart in England). Maybe it's some kind of fluids or vibrations that are to blame. Our main guard of the gate helped out quite often, but he obviously lacks psychological stability.

Summarizing, let's say: Akinfeev's mistakes are not even a flop, this is a full-fledged epic of the feil, if we use youth terminology.

Use slangy words in speech?

This is a complicated question. On the one hand, when they learned the meaning of the word "plume," there is a great temptation to decorate their speech incessantly. On the other hand, the Russian language is great and powerful not with these words, it is better to speak correctly, albeit slightly old-fashioned.

But at the same time there is such literature where differentsort of slang in its place (as an example, you can open the book of Vasily Pavlovich Aksenov "Say raisins"). But this is without exaggeration high art. Of course, still Pelevin is remembered, but he sometimes overdo this sense.

In other words, only a person can determine,what word does he need in this or that situation, but the language is best known in all its diversity, although this is impossible. But a native speaker should set himself up for the ideal.

We will assume that today we have made one small step in the given direction: we have understood the meaning of "plumes".