Politics is the art of management

Politics is, in translation from the Greek language, the art of government, international relations, society.

This is not the only definition that characterizes this concept. There are alternative:

- is the management and disposal of resources;

- one of the spheres of activity that is related to the relations between different social groups, which determines the forms, tasks and content of the country's activities as a whole;

The policy is

- a special phenomenon in public life, covering absolutely all forms of interaction in society and types of activities for implementation and leadership in the production process;

- the desire to dominate and influence the redistribution of power in interstate or interstate relations;

- Behavioral model of organizations' activities for the implementation of goals or interests (for example, the accounting policy of an organization is a form of government of an organization that determines its accounting).

The form of government in the international arena is determined by foreign policy. This definition covers all areas of relations: from economic activity to art.

accounting policy of the organization

Politics is any action program or any kind of management activity for anything or anyone.

It can be represented in the form of trends or any movements in civil society. Public organizations and associations for various interests are also politicians. This, for example, is the party and the church.

In ancient times, politics was mainlyphilosophers or thinkers who interpreted it as "royal art" to manage other activities: from oratory to military and judicial activities. Plato said that a properly directed policy can protect and make any citizen the best. Machiavelli viewed it from the point of view of knowledge, the essence of which is in correct and wise government.

foreign policy

A little later came another definition: politics is the struggle of class interests. So Karl Max considered it.

According to modern ideas, the policy includesand activities in the field of public interests, and a set of patterns of behavior, and institutions that deal with the regulation of social relations and the creation of power control and competition for the possession of power.

There are two approaches to understanding this concept: consensus and confrontational.

Based on a consensus understanding, politicians wantturn into public acts, which will be aimed at mutual understanding and joint activities in order to achieve the highest public good - freedom.

If we consider this concept from the confrontational side, then politics is the result of a public struggle of various groups of people.

The definition depends on which mainthe aspect of political activity will be emphasized. Depending on the direction of the actions of the state or organization, social, domestic and foreign policies can be singled out. If we look at the profile of activity, then they highlight the state, military, technical policy, party policy and other types.