Bryansk: population, employment

Bryansk is the administrative center of the Bryansk region,city ​​of regional importance. As of January 1, 2016, he was on the 49th line of the rating of Russian cities by the number of residents. So the population of Bryansk is 405 921 people.

Character traits

Undoubtedly, if you come to the Bryansk region,visit its center - the city of Bryansk. Its population is not numerous. We must admit that in 1998 the number almost reached 460 000 people, respectively, there is a tendency to reduce.

Bryansk: population

The largest increase in the population of Bryanskreached in the interval 1970-1989. During this time it has grown by 130 000 people, which is really impressive. But, in truth, this is the only period with such successful results.

Women in the city are somewhat larger than men. Particularly noticeable difference in the study of older people. Premature mortality of men - this is the main reason for this trend. Aging of the population is another important characteristic. The average life expectancy in Bryansk is 40 years. Just think about this figure! And this is not the worst thing. In Bryansk, already one and a half times more pensioners and old people than children and adolescents. The able-bodied population will barely account for half of all local residents.

District distribution

Four large areas - what distinguishes Bryansk. Its population is also distributed to these areas. So, in the Soviet area there are about 111 654 people. This is perhaps the most comfortable and comfortable for living area of ​​the city. The most populous is the industrial Bezhitsky district, there are about 153,000 citizens. In Volodarsky and Fokinsky districts approximately the same number of people live - about 70,000.

The population of Bryansk

The population of Bryansk regions is the totalpicture. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the inhabitants of the adjacent territories: the village Raditsa-Krylovka, Bolshoye Polpino, White Banks. About 18,000 inhabitants are concentrated here, but at the moment they are included in various parts of the city.

Mortality and fertility rate

Recently, not at all pleased with the newscity ​​Bryansk. The population literally dies out, and the percentage of deaths does not cease to grow. The main causes of death of people are diseases of the cardiovascular system, trauma at work, accidents, and cancer. If we talk about mortality among young people, then most often this is an accident.

As for the birth rate, it remains onunchanged level, which leads to a reduction in the population in the city. The unstable economic situation in the city, the lack of decent wages force families to confine themselves to one child, families with two or more children are quite small.

Population of Bryansk regions


What level of unemployment and employment canto demonstrate Bryansk? The population of the city complains about the lack of enterprises with a decent salary level. Finding a job in Bryansk is not so difficult, but to provide for your family is almost impossible. That is why many local residents are not limited to one source of income, they work part time in their spare time. If we talk about prices for goods and services, they differ little from the capital. An exception, perhaps, is the cost of transportation and meat products.

The largest city-forming enterprise in Bryanskis a machine-building plant specializing in energy and transport engineering. The enterprise provides 7000 workplaces, it is here that after the termination of the Bryansk Technical Institute young specialists are sent.

The population of Bryansk

"Arsenal" is another major enterprise of the city,Specializing in the production of special machinery, primarily asphalt pavers. It is a modern enterprise, keeping pace with the times. The volume of production increases every year, workers receive a stable wage, good for the city and the region. The company takes care of the safety and health of its employees, annually sends the best specialists to sanatorium-and-spa treatment. Children of employees rest in the best health camps in the region.

Local authorities need to sendefforts to increase the birth rate in the region, combat mortality, and provide residents of the city with jobs with decent wages. Otherwise, in the near future, some old people will live here.