Norman Kali: happiness in a civil marriage with Evangeline Lilly

Norman Kali - actor and director - was born inAmerican state of Hawaii, where he lives with his family at the moment. He made his debut in the series "Without coordinates" in 2011, later played in the sensational "Hobbit: Smaug's Heath" in 2013, in both films appeared in episodes. Direct activity is an assistant to the director.

Notable works

In 2007, he joined the Guild of DirectorsAmerica, whose registry is listed as the second assistant director. He took part in the production of a famous comedy with Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore in the lead roles - "50 First Kisses". Kali can be seen in a short film, released on DVD and dedicated to the third season of the series "Lost".

Work in the "Lost"

Norman Cali

Norman Kali is best known for his involvementto the production of a successful series "Lost" (in the original - Lost), enthusiastically received not only by spectators, but also by critics and received a lot of prestigious awards and nominations. On the set of the series, there was a fateful meeting of the assistant director with the famous Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly, who played one of the main roles - the fraudster Keith Austin.

Before Cali Evangeline four years met withpartner in the set of "Lost" - an actor of German origin Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace), but in 2009 the couple announced the separation, and not having time to get married. Kali until 2009 was in a relationship with actress Lisa Edelstein. Since May 2010, Evangeline Lilly and Norman Kali have met, but still have not legitimized the relationship and are happy in a civil marriage. The couple lives for a long time in their own mansion in Hawaii - the birthplace of Norman - and brings up two children.

Closed personal life

evangeline lilly and norman potassium

Norman and Evangeline are not supporters of disseminatingnews about their own personal lives, they are rarely found and paparazzi. However, from a few interviews it is known that their eldest son, Kahekili Kali, was born in 2011. Parents told an unusual story of his birth and naming: the birth was accompanied by bad weather, and, since the parents were not aware in advance about the future child's field, the name had to be invented spontaneously. Kahekili is the name of the god of the storm, in which local natives believe.

Current activities

At present, Norman Kali does not work, hecompletely devoted himself to the education of two children - in 2015, thanks to the birth of his daughter, the couple became parents twice. In fact, the producer's wife in the family is the director's wife, who continues to act in films.