Ekaterina Novikova: the creative path and biography

Let and not so well-known widepublic Ekaterina Novikova is still one of the most promising modern actresses. Every year, it is increasingly invited to films and television series. At the same time, the importance of television products, in which it takes part, is constantly growing.

Ekaterina Novikova


Ekaterina Novikova was born in Germany, inthe small town of Weimar, on October 9, 1982. After graduation she entered the Bryansk State Pedagogical University, where she studied from 1999 to 2001 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of the Romano-German Department.

From 2001 to 2004, I became interested inworkshop L. Grachyova and V. Recepther at the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts (SPbGATI). In addition to classes in the studio, Ekaterina already played at the Pushkin School Theater Studio under the direction of V. Recepther from 2002 to 2004. And in 2004-2007. Catherine played at the Teaching Theater on Mokhovaya Street. 2007 was marked by the end of SPbGATI. From 2007 to the present, the young actress serves in the St. Petersburg Theater "Antreprise AA Mironov."

Amazing actress Catherine Novikova, very pretty, talented, natural, a real Russian beauty!

Ekaterina Novikova is an actress

Filmography. First stage

In addition to theatrical activities, CatherineNovikova works in the film industry. In 2005, she starred in the episodic role of the film series Master and Margarita. The next year - she performed a court lady in the movie "Andersen. Life without love. " A year later she appeared in the role of Irina in the series "Mentovskie Voiny 3" and was seen in the television series "Streets of Broken Lights 8" in the background. 2007 - played in the series "All such a sudden" (Ingrid). Then she starred in a very popular TV series "Foundry 4" and in the feature film "Black Snow" (Maria).

2007-2008was filmed in the television series "Tatyanin Day", the role of Irina. 2008 - worked in the series "Dealer", perfectly played in the movie "Who was Shakespeare" in the role of Elizabeth. Sidney Ratland - episodic, but very, very bright character in the movie "Do not Think About the White Monkeys." I remembered the audience for the film "The chapel of an angel" (Maria Romanova). Then comes the movie "Black Snow 2" and the character Maria. In the movie almanac "9 May. Personal relationship "played the beautiful Dashenka.

Filmography. Successful stage

2009 - looked great in qualitySenior Lieutenant Yevgenia Dobkina in the television movie "Version." It is natural and good in the movie "To live first" (Natalia). Another remarkable actor's work was done in the TV movie "Flying Squad" (Galina), and then - "Happy End" (now she was Rita). The episodic role of the funky pianvy in the famous Taras Bulba. And in the same year, work in "Hairpins 2" as Anna, is also surprisingly good in the film "The Word of a Woman."

2010 was as saturated as the previous one.Ekaterina Novikova played in such films as "Sea Devils 4" (Tatiana), "The Last Encounter" (episodic role), "Farewell," Makarov "!" (The heroine of the second plan), in the film "The Color of Flame" played the heroine Aurora, especially remembered in the movie "Black City" in the title role - Natasha, a talented and beautiful woman.

2011 - 5 season of the series "Foundry" in the role of AllaSelf-propelled. Next was Narcotraffic (Elena). The next stage is an interesting short film "Feeling the Shadow" as a black freak. Then there was the famous film "Rasputin" and a bright heroine "red". The series "Hour of Volkova 5" and the sharply felt heroine of Nina, the series "Chef" and Irina Velikanova.

2012 - the role of the second or episodicplan in the TV films "Abyss" (Victor's mother), "Sinbad's Time", "It all started in Harbin", "Foundry 7", "Mom by contract", "Outdoor observation", "Patrol. Vasilievsky Island "," Passion for Chapa. "

The year 2013 was marked by such works:"Goryunov" (Natasha), action film "Two with pistols", a retro picture "Role", an episodic role in the film "Sherlock Holmes", in the "Team" in the form of strong-willed investigator Maya Slyusar.

2014 - in the role of a nurse film "White Night"perfectly played in the movie "The Guide" in the role of the investigator Tatiana Novikova, the resting film "New Year's Happiness" in the role of Marina, the episodic heroine of the hostage in the film "Exchange", the heroes of the second plan in the films "Prince of Siberia" and "Heart of the Angel", marked in the series "Without a trace" the role of Inga.

2016 starred in the remarkable series "Major 2" in the role of Mary, marked as the guide of the film "Pushkin".

This filmography of Catherine Novikova certainly will not end.

Ekaterina Novikova


Certainly, Ekaterina Novikova is a talented actress. However, it is quite young. Therefore, her best role is definitely ahead!