Actress Ekaterina gradova: biography, personal life, photo. The best star roles

Actress Ekaterina gradova was remembered by the audience infirst of all as radio operator Kat from "Seventeen Moments of Spring" and former wife of Andrei Mironov. To play in cinema this bright woman agreed extremely seldom, preferring to realize her talent on theatrical stage. Of course, admirers of the beauty takes the question of where she disappeared in the early 90's, and also interested in the personal life and creative achievements of the talented actress.

Actress Ekaterina gradova: childhood

The future "radio operator Kat" was born inthe capital of the Russian Federation, it happened in October 1946. Actress Catherine Gradova - daughter of a Soviet-era star Raisa Gradova, performances with the participation of which used to be very popular. Her father's name was Georgi, the professor of architecture was the victim of an accident. Taking a great interest in mountaineering, he participated in the conquest of the Pamir mountain, died in the process of ascent.

actress екатерина градова

It is interesting that the actress Ekaterina gradova inthe difference from many of my colleagues for a long time could not decide on the future profession. Teenage girls literally passed behind the scenes, where she watched maternal performances. However, Katya did not play in the theater at school.


The future "radio operator Kat" while studying at schoolwas carried away by the study of foreign languages, at one time thought about the profession of a linguist. The girl even went to one of the capital's universities, choosing the faculty of foreign languages, but she left him in the second year. The reason for this decision was an unexpectedly awakened desire to go on the maternal footsteps.

Ekaterina gradova actress family

Actress Ekaterina gradova on the first tryconquered the School-Studio of the Moscow Art Theater, it was determined by the course, which led Vasily Markov. The future star managed to attract attention to herself, already finishing the fourth course. This was due to participation in the play staged at the Mayakovsky Theater. The production was called "Talents and admirers".

Shooting at the cinema

Actress Ekaterina Gradova, photo of which can besee in this article, is known not only for its theatrical roles. Her debut in the movie took place thanks to the melodrama "Autumn weddings", in which the girl received a small role in the days of the students.

actress екатерина градова personal life

Of course, radio operator Kat became the most famousheroine, who played Gradova. Filming in "Seventeen instants of spring" helped the girl to acquire a stellar status, as it happened with all the other actors who got roles in this famous television series. Also, Catherine's fans have the opportunity to admire her game in the movie "The meeting place can not be changed." In this project, the actress embodied the image of Svetlana Volokushina. The charming criminal in her performance was a success. Finally, we can not fail to note the historical film "Birth", in which Gradova played a small but bright role.

Life Behind the Scenes

Of course, the fans of the star are not only interestedfilms and serials in which the actress Ekaterina gradova played, the private life of the beauty also occupies the public. Katya's first love was Andrei Mironov, whom she met while studying at the Moscow Art Theater School. The famous actor was struck by the beauty and talent of the young actress when he saw her playing in the graduation performance. Then followed the beautiful courtship, smoothly passed into a violent romance.

actress catherine gradova biography

Did she marry Andrei Mironov, an actressCatherine Gradova? The biography of "radio operator Kat" says that it happened in 1971. The fruit of this union was the famous actress Maria Mironova, who appeared in a young family two years later. However, in her first marriage, Catherine quickly became disillusioned. It is believed that this is due to the infidelity of Andrew, who was always amorous. It is known that Gradova herself filed for divorce.

The gap with Mironov turned for Catherinea serious mental trauma, the love for him was preserved in her heart for many years. Only after the famous artist passed away, Gradov began to pay attention to other representatives of the opposite sex. Her chosen one was the physicist Igor Timofeev, with whom her fate reduced during her trip to Optina. The second time the actress married in 1991, a year later the couple took the boy from the orphanage to Alyosha.

Recent roles

Ekaterina Gradova is an actress, whose familyalways meant more than a professional implementation. Not surprisingly, in the late 80's a woman felt tired from work. "Nest of wood grouse" - one of the last paintings in which fans can see "the radio operator Kat". With the Satire Theater, which remained for the star native for many years, the actress also said goodbye. It is curious that the last production with her participation wore the symbolic name "Last."

Of course, the public is interested in the question ofof what Ekaterina is doing at the moment. "Radishka Kat" organized a charity fund designed to help children growing up without parents. She is also a participant of the Orthodox movement "Vestniki", is engaged in teaching activities. The subject, which the actress teaches in schools and gymnasiums, is called "The Living Word".