Rating: the most expensive cities in the world according to 2012 data

The consulting company MNRC, whichspecializes in consultations on the selection of personnel for the international business sphere, as a rule, every year, for foreigners, the rating list "The most expensive cities in the world". In the process of drawing up this rating take into account the situation in more than 200 of the world's largest cities on 6 continents. At the same time, they are evaluated on 200 parameters, the most important of which are: geographic location, cost of food, transportation, housing, clothing and medical services.

the most expensive city in the world

Assess the most expensive cities in the world also, based on a comparison with the cost of living in New York, the standard of living in which is considered the base.

So, the most expensive city in the world in 2012 -Tokyo, and the capital of Japan is located at the very first stage of this rating. On the second place was Luanda (Angola), on the third - Osaka, one more city of Japan. The fourth place was taken by Moscow, but closes the top five of the rating - Geneva, the most beautiful city in Switzerland.

the most expensive cities in the world

Important moves in the rating "The mostexpensive cities in the world "are more connected with fluctuations in the world currency exchange rate. Thus, life in most European cities is cheaper due to the economic crisis in the European zone. The most significant drop in the index of the cost of living for foreigners is recorded in Athens, once occupied 24th place, and now moved as much as the 77th!

Conversely, many citiesAsia-Pacific significantly improved its position in the ranking of "The most expensive cities in the world." The biggest rise was recorded in New Zealand and Australia. North America also boasts of its growth in the rating, thanks to the US dollar, which has strengthened more than all other world currencies.

According to the complete rating list "The most expensivecities of the world "- such places are odd in Africa. This is more likely due to the fact that the cost of living is based on a comparison of the basic services, the prices of the goods of certain brands that are purchased in these countries abroad, which makes them difficult to find. And therefore they are quite expensive.

the cheapest cities in the world

For example, located in second placerating Luanda, the capital of Angola, has very high prices for accommodation. And all because of high inflation and unsatisfactory state of infrastructure, the fault of which was civil war.

The cheapest for foreigners, according to MNRC, however, like last year, remains the Pakistani city of Karachi, where costs are three times lower than in Tokyo.

But in the first place in the rating "The cheapestcity ​​of the world "was immediately two cities - Mumbai and, as we have already said, Karachi. On the second - Indian New Delhi, and on the third - Nepal. Then comes Bucharest and Algeria. Behind them - Colombo (Sri Lanka), in seventh place - Panama, on the eighth - Saudi Arabia, Jeddah and Tehran.

The main criteria for selecting the cheapest cities are: the cost of transportation in public transport, the cost of food, rental housing, the cost of clothing and utilities.