What Polynesia Tattoo Can Tell

Nowadays, tattoos are in fashionPolynesian style. And indeed, similar to the bizarre carving on wood, the mysterious ornament can not leave indifferent and therefore acquires more and more new fans. But there is very little who knows about what is behind the eye-catching ornament of Polynesia tattoos.

Polynesia tattoo

History of the Polynesian tattoo

Since the time of the ancient tribe of Maori decorationbody tattoo for Polynesians wore a sacred meaning - thus making an attempt to establish contact with the supreme deities. Therefore, and wear it on his body was not everyone right, and the process of tattooing was a special sacred mystery, conducted only by the priest.

Each of the drawings of Polynesia's tattoo has its own meaning and exerts its influence on the life of the bearer, and their combination can always be read as a narrative.

What can tell a tattoo

In the pattern applied to the body, it was encryptedinformation about which member of which tribe is a person, to what kind he belongs, who he is by social status, and also by what deeds and worthy acts of a tattoo carrier can Polynesia be proud of.

Tattoos, the significance of which we consider,were applied only to certain parts of the body, since, in the understanding of the descendants of Maori, it represents an entire universe, which is divided into zones where separate energy flows intersect. So, in order to change the fate or correct the character, it was necessary to apply certain images to the area of ​​the negative effect. And the symbolism behind them had a direct impact on the result.

Polynesia tattoo value

Meaning of Tattoos

One of the revered images in a tattooPolynesians is a tortoise, which since ancient times personifies protection. The same energy shell that will not allow evil forces to enter the destiny of man. The image of the turtle is also able to bring health, longevity, and also a fortress into family ties.

No less popular in the tattoo of Polynesia is the image of the sun, which denotes the eternity and continuity of life on earth. The bearer of this symbol attracts happiness, good luck and good.

A powerful talisman is the image of the ramp. To his owner, he gives attractiveness in the eyes of women, freedom and refinement, while protecting against black energy.

The image of the shark supports power, as well as perseverance and will power. Everyone striving to gain and retain power must be protected by a shark.

The road to higher knowledge and the strengthening of supernatural abilities will reveal the image of a lizard.

By the way, these images have not lost their sacral meaning and special connection with the divine principle to our days.

Polynesia: tattoo on the arm and other parts of the body

For each information on the body of the Polynesian there was a place. And I must say that the representatives of noble families always had more tattoos than ordinary people.

Most often Polynesian men (especially the leaders)stuffed ornaments on the face or in the area from the belt to the knees. A tattoo on the wrists and chest indicated a position in society, and the forehead was a place for reporting success in battle. The profession was depicted on the cheeks, and the origin of the tattoo carrier was depicted on the chin. Women had much less ornaments than men and put them mainly on the lips and chin.

polynesia tattoo on arm

How to choose a Polynesian tattoo

With the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, unfortunately,many sources have been lost, which is why the meaning of some of the symbols of the tattoo of Polynesia can no longer be deciphered. But a man such a pattern still gives brutality and masculinity - especially if applied to the forearm, while capturing part of the chest.

And, despite the fact that mostly these tattoosthey look massive for the female body, women choose for themselves some openwork images (slope, fern, birds or flowers) and put them on the leg, shoulder or arm. Particularly fashionable is the ornament on the back under the scapula or on the lower back.

Preferring the Polynesian style, it should be remembered that it does not fit well with other styles, and do not mix them.