The global problems of modernity are considered by philosophy

Despite the fact that humanity in the 21st centurydevelops leaps and bounds and claims to mastering other planets, it still has unresolved global problems of our time. Philosophy considers them in conjunction with the processes taking place in the economy, politics and other areas of human life.

The global status of certain problems is due to the fact that they affect almost the entire population of the Earth and may threaten the death of the whole civilization.

global problems of our time philosophy
Global problems of our time philosophy also considers the historicalforeshortening, often problems are not solved for many centuries. Wars and their consequences were, are and, unfortunately, will be, while there are ambitions and a desire to make money on it. The same can be said about the shortage of food. Instability of weather conditions, wars, political and economic crises at all times influenced the supply of food. In today's world, with a sufficiently high level of production, out of 7 billion people, only 1 billion is not hungry, and the rest do not eat regularly. Another problem that existed in the century is the illiteracy of the population. Earlier, the state power of any country "did not bother" with this issue. This problem was actual in connection with scientific and technological progress. It turned out that to work in factories and factories, we need a skilled workforce. Industrialized countries have been concerned about this, but the third world countries have not won illiteracy.

ways to solve global problems
Some global problems of our timephilosophy considers the product of our time. By the end of the 20th century, it was realized that natural resources are not endless, they require careful treatment. Acute environmental problems arose. The rapid growth of industry, the uncontrolled use of mineral fertilizers - all this has led to the fact that large areas of agricultural land are becoming unusable. Chemical and oil refineries contaminate rivers and ponds with fresh water. A large amount of garbage, radioactive and chemical waste is also a huge problem. Does not add optimism and population growth. It grows mainly in countries with a poorly developed economy, where 75% of the population is under 35-40 years old. They also need something to do.

The climate change of the planet and the impact on uscosmic bodies (the activity of the Sun, the threat of the fall of large meteorites and asteroids) are also global problems of our time. Philosophy marks a change in the consciousness of a person under the influence of such a likely threat. Perhaps therefore, the expectation of the end of the world has taken on grandiose proportions.

ways to solve global problems of our time
So where can we find ways to solve global problems? First, states and humanity as a whole must learn to negotiate with each other. The history of mankind is the history of wars. Secondly, industry should, at last, become safe for the environment. And the developed countries are simply obliged to help in this third world countries, where they do not think about environmental problems at all. Economic development and educational programs can help in regulating the population in disadvantaged countries.

But ways to solve the global problems of our timecan and will remain just aspirations, while in the first place will be the thirst for quick benefits and the desire of some states to control the world economy and politics.