Holy place - Lake Svetloyar

Lake Svetloyar was lost in the interfluve Kerzhentsa,Vetlugi and Kerzhensky forests. It became widely known because of the fairly widespread legend of the invisible city of Kitezh, which once, not to be captured by the enemy, sank to the bottom of this reservoir.

The name "Svetloyar" means "deep and light waters". Indeed, the waters of this lake are clean, and its depth in some places reaches thirty meters.

lake lightly
According to legend, in ancient times, before the advent of the Tatars, on the site of the reservoir was the city of Kitezh. In its center majestically towered 6 churches.

Batuy, coming to Russia, heard about Kitezh andrushed to him with his army. Having broken through to the walls of the city, they were amazed, as the residents did not build any fortifications and did not intend to defend themselves. There was only a ringing of bells - people prayed for salvation. And then a miracle happened. The city of Kitezh disappeared, and in its place appeared Svetloyar - a lake amazing with its beauty.

The origin of the pond. Hypotheses

There are several different opinions about the appearance of the lake. Some believe that Svetloyar karst origin, others - that glacial, some say that it was formed as a result of the fusion of two very deep faults of the Earth's crust. A single opinion does not exist yet. Lake Svetloyar continues to keep its secrets.

light lake
You can get to it by the birch avenue,sprinkled with white sand. Sand itself was brought back in the seventies, when a pioneer camp was located near the pond. The natural soil around Svetloyar is clayey, it was difficult to walk on it, especially after the rain. The sand track goes up the hill. Recently, it began to be called the path of Batu. In the alley you can always see strolling tourists. For a person who goes to a holy place, Svetloyar Lake opens unexpectedly, just at the time when it is at the highest point of the trail.

Water from the lake is bottled. Many say that it can be stored for a long time, it is absolutely not to spoil and not bloom. In addition, she is considered a saint. In the summer you can see how people in long shirts come to Svetloyar Lake and are baptized.

Laboratory tests of water that wereconducted in 1969, showed that it is a hydrocarbonate type, slightly mineralized. Also in the lake there is hydrogen sulphide of biogenic origin. Not so long ago, the analysis showed a high content of copper - a natural antiseptic. It is his presence that explains the unusual properties of the waters. Near Svetloyar, you can find rare and listed in the Red Book lake plants.

lakes plants
If you turn left along the path, you cango up the hill. The lake can be seen from her as if in the palm of your hand. Many Svetloyars are struck by their ideal oval form. Every year hundreds of people visit this holy place. There are many old believers, pilgrims, tourists, schoolchildren, ecologists and just curious people.

The most mass visit can be observed on the day of Ivan Kupala. In the afternoon people celebrate, and at night they bypass the lake with candles, start wreaths and arrange pagan games in the forests and fields.

Lake Svetloyar is one of the most amazing and unusual places in Russia. Coming to him, a person receives peace and peace of mind. The path is open to everyone!