Katerina Volkova: becoming an actress

A popular and talented actress Katerina VolkovaIt is familiar to all girls and women. In the domestic show business there is its full namesake, with which the young actress is confused. Having performed the role of a mother of many children and a housewife in the series, Katerina Volkova became famous throughout the country. "Voronin" brings fame and royalties to it even today. In addition to filming in the movies, Katya also plays on the stage of the theater, where she performed successfully during the student years. As a child, little Katyusha set a goal - to become a famous and popular actress of Russian cinema. Before becoming a star, Katya had to go a long way, performing the most routine work.

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Childhood of Katya

Katerina Volkova was born in Tallinn on January 151982. Her mother is a caring housewife, she did all the homework, raised children. The father was the breadwinner in the family. He worked in the embassy. Despite the fact that Katya's mother was a housewife, her grandmother was engaged in her upbringing. In one of her interviews, she confessed that if it had not been for her grandmother's influence, the actress would not have achieved such success in cinema and theater. Her instructions were successful, apparently because her grandmother worked as a teacher in a Tallinn kindergarten.

Already in her childhood, little Katya amused hernative mini-concerts and productions. So, she came to the aunt's hairdresser and demonstrated all her artistic skills. Parents of young talent did not want to see these talents in their daughter and shut their eyes to them, setting themselves and their daughter to a serious profession.

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The wind of change

After graduating from school, Katerina Volkova with her parentsmoved to Moscow. It is in this city that all the people not known to the world become famous! So in the case of Katerina. It was in Moscow that she finally decided to become a professional actress. The intensive preparation for entering the theater high school began. Katerina Volkova spent all her free time on mugs, honing her acting skills.

Naturally, Katya's classes at the acting coursesparents did not bring joy. For them, this was the occasion for sadness. And then the girl goes on a compromise - he promises his father that he will receive a second higher education.

The efforts did not go free. The girl managed to enter Shchepkinskoe College and graduate with a red diploma. But it was not a great success for her, because every year the universities of Moscow produce hundreds of talented actors and artists. But to become truly famous is given only to the chosen ones.

Realizing that getting on the stage in a popular theatershe does not have the opportunity, Katya began to besiege the theaters of the second round. With her in the company were several of the same graduates. Thanks to this strategy, she got to the State Theater of the actor.

With the movie, things were even worse. In her free time, the novice actress went to screen tests, but it did not bring a furore. Several times she had to light up in small episodes. To please her parents, Katerina Volkova entered the Financial Academy.

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Success is just around the corner ...

Playing in the theater, parallel to a young girlstudied at the academy. However, success came to her after she starred in advertising a chicken cube. Then it was noticed by many directors. In 2005, she was invited to star in the series "Kulagin and Partners", the role was not the main, but still. A really popular Katerina was only with the release of the screens of the series "Voronin". By the way, I got this role only from the third time Katerina Volkova. Her biography is full of complex and significant moments, but only patience and work helped her to make her way to the glory and popularity!