Actress Sidorenko Oksana Yurievna: biography, personal life. The best roles

Sidorenko Oksana Yurievna - a talented actress, othe existence of which the audience learned thanks to "Interns", "Fizruk" and other popular TV series. Her path to fame, the girl began as a dancer, interest in the acting profession appeared later. What is known about this charming blonde, her creative achievements and her personal life?

Sidorenko Oksana Yurievna: childhood

The future dancer and actress was born inPetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, this happened in January 1987. The girl's father was a sailor, who often went on long voyages in the service. Mother - a former sportswoman, who in the past achieved significant success in the field of figure skating.

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Back in early childhood Sidorenko Oksana Yurevnabecame interested in dancing. The daughter's enthusiasm was met with support from her mother, who gave the future star to a school with a choreographic bias. This happened already in Salavat, where the family moved because of the threat of earthquakes in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Initially, the gymnasium teachers felt that the little Oksana lacked the necessary data, but the young student deserved their respect by persistent training.


The first major achievement that candeservedly proud of Sidorenko Oksana Yurievna, dated 2005. It was then that the young dancer became the winner in the international tournament held in the Novosibirsk region. A year later, she again won first place in this competition, again becoming the owner of the Governor's Cup.

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It is not surprising that by the end of the school the girl is notshe doubted her desire to devote her life to dancing. Continue training Sidorenko Oksana Yuryevna decided at the GITIS, stopping at the choreographer's faculty. Slava came to her in 2010, already after receiving a diploma of higher education. This happened due to participation in the famous TV show "Dancing with the Stars". Her partner in this television project was Alexander Nevsky.

Shooting in movies and TV shows

Sidorenko Oksana Yurievna - an actress who came toprofession by accident. To this decision the blonde was pushed by the accident that occurred in 2008. During the rest at the ski resort, the star seriously injured her leg, rehabilitation took more than six months. The time during which the girl could not practice her favorite dances, she devoted her thoughts to her future. As a result, she decided to continue her education in GITIS. This time, having entered the acting department, Oksana managed to finish it already by 2012.

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Debut Sidorenko as an actress was held in2011, when she was given a small role in the famous television project "Interns". In this sitcom, Oksana embodied the image of Jessica. Her heroine is a girl with whom intern Phil Philhards met in the past, who left him after his departure from the United States. Already in 2012, the beginning actress was invited to the series "Track", her character can be seen in two episodes ("Dice", "Beefsteak from a beloved husband").

Polina - the most famous heroine, which managed toplay Sidorenko Oksana Yurievna, photo of which can be seen in this article. This role the beginning actress received in the series "Fizruk." Her character - a girl psychologist, moonlighting as a stripper. In addition, the star can be seen in the following tapes: "Black Rose", "You're not alone". The latest TV project with her participation is "Eternal Holiday".

Life Behind the Scenes

Of course, fans of dazzling blondeit is also interesting with whom Sidorenko Oksana Yuryevna meets. Personal life for the actress is also important, as well as professional implementation. Her first famous fan was Alexander Nevsky, whom she met thanks to the show "Dancing with the Stars." After several years of relationship, the young people broke up, having managed to maintain friendship.

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Oksana was credited with an affair with Dmitry Nagiyev, hercolleague on "Fizruk", however the actress calls these gossips groundless. At the moment, her fiance is a businessman from England. Edward has already been approved by Oksana's parents, so the wedding ceremony is just around the corner.

Interesting fact

Sidorenko Oksana Yuryevna - not only talentedactress and dancer, but also a writer. His book "Star dances with Oksana Sidorenko" celebrity calls a tool for those who want to learn the art of ballroom dancing independently. It is interesting that this work was created by a girl co-authored with Alexander Nevsky.