Population of Russia. Projections for the future

If you believe the experts in the next 43 yearsthe total population of our beautiful planet will increase by only 2.5 billion. However, as far as our country is concerned, in this case the forecasts are very pessimistic. Scientists are already sounding the alarm, because it is expected that the population of Russia will decrease from 140 million to about 108 million. Moreover, this kind of demographic change is also expected by Ukraine. There are two main reasons: high mortality due to the direct consequences of HIV infection, and on the other hand - low birth rate.


population of russia
All the above-described data were considered inthe UN report. However, the document also mentioned that the implementation of such consequences primarily depends on whether family planning measures are taken, as well as to prevent the further widespread spread of HIV infection. For example, in countries where antiretroviral drugs are widely available to virtually all segments of the population, life expectancy is expected to increase from 10 to 17.5 years.

Population of Russia. Projections for the future


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It was also noted in the report that if otherscountries, life expectancy increases, then on the territory of our country this trend can not be talked about. In particular, there are no signs of any work in Russia to reduce the death rate. Experts argue that the only true solution in this issue will be to review the government's migration policy, and take all possible measures to reduce the range of life-threatening infections.

population dynamics of Russia

However, HIV is by far not the onlycause such high mortality rates. Of course, everyone understands that the population in Russia is currently in decline. Not only the authorities, but also the citizens themselves depend on the future of the country. Today, some experts propose serious radical changes in social policy that will help solve such a problem as the population of Russia, or rather its rapid decrease. On the other hand, only a few believe in a positive result. The thing is that the dynamics of the population of Russia has already undergone such changes several decades ago. It is important to note that various kinds of demographic reforms, proposed and successfully implemented by our government, somewhat improve the overall situation. So, over the past few years, there has been a splash in fertility, but mortality has not diminished. Thus, the population of Russia can be increased only through proper demographic, social reforms and solving health problems.

The situation in other countries

Reduction of citizens of states other than our countrywill also be observed in Germany, Japan, Italy and the Republic of Korea. Until 2050, more than half of the inhabitants of our planet will be concentrated in the US, Pakistan, China, Ethiopia, India and Nigeria. The trend of high population growth in the countries described above will also continue.