Actor Chris Noth: biography, filmography and personal life

Chris Noth is a talented American actor,which came to fame after the release of the series "Sex and the City." In this television project, he embodied the image of a man in whom for all seasons the main character of Carrie was in love. He also starred in such popular films as "My Only", "Izgoy", "Julius Caesar". What else is known about him?

Chris Noth: Star Biography

The future actor was born in the city of Madison,which is located in the US state of Wisconsin, it happened in November 1954. In early childhood, Chris Noth and his two older brothers lost their father. The boy's first years of life were spent traveling, as the mother, who worked as a reporter, was forced to constantly move in connection with her professional activities. The child managed to live in Spain, Yugoslavia, Great Britain.

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Interest in creativity Chris Knot found in himselfeven in early childhood. The boy was the permanent star of school plays, in whatever school he turned out to be. It is also known that he composed poems, which, unfortunately, were not preserved. The idol of the child in those years was his mother, who constantly rotated in the circle of stars and easily found a common language with them.

First successes

Having replaced several colleges, the future actor at the endended up in New York and began to make confident steps towards his cherished dream - to become famous and play Hamlet. The debut for him was the painting "Shards", which was released in 1982. In this film, he got the role of a boy on call.

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Looking ahead, it is worth saying that Chris Notprefers to play negative characters. They seem to him more multifaceted, complex and interesting than flawless characters. Also, the actor always protects the images that he creates in the movies. He is convinced that his heroes often misunderstand that they are not so bad as it may seem.

The first roles of the actor were insignificant, he flashed in many serials that enjoyed the audience's love in those years: "Another World", "Blues Hill Street", "Ruthless waitresses", "Monsters."

Starring role

"Law and order" is a series, thanks to whichHe got the first loyal fans of Chris Noth. The biography of the actor says that it was because of the filming in this TV project that he was considered for a long time a star of one role. Detective Mike Logan, he became in 1989, successfully bypassing many applicants. In the series "Law and Order" Chris played for five seasons.

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What can you say about his first character,which spectators remember? Chris presented him as a policeman with a difficult fate, possessor of violent temper. His hero is working in the department of the New York police, who is engaged in murder. In the rare free hours, Logan drinks in bars and meets attractive girls. Mike's fans were genuinely outraged when the creators of the series did not renew the contract with Chris in 1995.

"Good wife"

Chris Noth - an actor who is also remembered by manyand thanks to the popular TV series The Good Wife. In this teleproject star got one of the key roles. Chris embodied the image of the former prosecutor of the US state of Illinois. His character Peter was in prison on charges of embezzling public funds.

Chris Note's films

"Good Wife" - the show that allowed Notedemonstrate that he is capable of playing not only goodies. His character Peter has nothing to do with the right police officer Mike Logan. The former prosecutor is a strictly negative character who can only take care of himself. His wife, left at liberty, at this time is forced to look for ways to get her spouse out of prison and secure the future of their common children. Peter's wife was played by Julianna Margulis, known for the TV series "Ambulance."

"Sex and the City"

Studying celebrity filmography, fansit is more often found in her series, than movies. Chris Noth is a man who owes his star status to a long-running TV project. The most successful of them is easy to call - "Sex and the City." Mr. Big - the hero, whose image the actor created throughout all seasons of the popular series, also Knot starred in two films, which became a continuation of the story beloved by viewers.

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Mr. Big is a character who isthe unattainable man of the dream of the protagonist - a journalist named Carrie. He is handsome, smart, rich and too good for her. Throughout the series, he then appears in her life, then disappears, causing the girl to suffer. Of course, the story ends well, Big and Carrie stay together and even get married.

It is known that Chris sincerely regretted the completion of the filming of "Sex and the City". He has excellent relations with all members of the film crew, especially with Sarah Jessica Parker.

What else to see

Already after the release of the first series of “Sex in Bigthe city "the whole world learned about who Chris Knot. Biography, age of the actor, his personal life began to interest a huge number of people. Of course, they did not keep themselves waiting for proposals to play new roles. For example, in 2000 “Mr. Big” embodied the image of one of the key characters in the film “Outlaw”, sharing the set with Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt. The film tells about the difficult fate of a delivery service employee who miraculously survived a plane crash and found himself on an uninhabited island.

Chris Notes Full Filmography

“Glass house” is worthy of attention -thrilling thriller in which Knot starred in 2001. The main characters of the film are orphans, who are adopted by a childless couple. Shortly after moving to a new home, children discover that they are in mortal danger. In this tape, Chris played one of the minor roles.

In the film "Julius Caesar", released in 2002,also got an interesting role as an american actor. In this film, he embodied the image of the Roman Emperor himself. Caesar was presented to the audience not only as a politician, but also as an ordinary man who suffers, having lost his beloved woman.

Of course, not all are listed projects and TV shows, in which Chris Noth managed to play by the age of 60. The complete filmography includes more than 60 films, but his most notable work in the cinema is listed above.

Life Behind the Scenes

When reporters ask Chris about whichhe appreciates qualities most of the fair sex, he calls brains and sense of humor. He also does not hide the fact that he is attracted to women with an exotic appearance. He searched for his ideal over the years.

Among the friends of "Mr. Big" was a lot of famouswill give For example, he met with a dark-skinned fashion model Beverly Johnson, which can be seen in the films "Crossroads", "Diaries of the Red Shoe." Also among his passions is the actress Winona Ryder, with whom he broke up because of her addiction to alcohol and drugs. Also, rumor attributed to him an affair with Jessica Parker, but these rumors have not been confirmed.

Wedding, birth of a child

At the moment, the heart of a dream man is busy. His chosen one was not a star at all, but an ordinary waitress, whom he met in his own bar. The fateful meeting took place in 2004, but only in 2012, Chris Noth decided to marry. Personal life of the actor, apparently, has developed successfully.

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The only child of "Mr. Big" appeared onlight back in 2008, it happened four years before his parents decided to get married. By the way, the son participated in the wedding ceremony held in Hawaii, he was entrusted with the honorary position of the keeper of the newlyweds. The press was not allowed to go on holiday, it was attended by exclusively close relatives and friends of the newlyweds.

Interesting fact

Back in childhood, Chris Nota had a dream -to embody the image of Hamlet in a movie or on stage. Thanks to the theater, his desire was realized many years ago. Chris is pleased to participate in Broadway productions, where he has the opportunity to play major roles. It is also known that the actor now dreams of playing one of the main roles in the play, the plot of which is taken from a Chekhov play.