What is politics and its principles.

On modern television, so often mentionedpolicy: international, domestic, youth policy. What is politics? This is the means by which the state achieves its goals in a certain field. The policy uses methods of economic, legal, administrative influence and relies on available resources. Openness, focus on results, competitiveness are the main characteristics that clearly illustrate what a policy is and what it should be.

What is politics?
State policy is developed andimplement public institutions of power. In the development of a political strategy, legislative institutions can take part, they also exercise control over the implementation of this strategy.

Political activity is an integral aggregate and rational interaction of elements, as a result of which progressive qualities are formed.

In the system of political activityparticipation of human, procedural, institutional, spiritual components. All components act in a unified system, and their activities are subordinated to the achievement of a common goal.

The cornerstone of politics is power. And its social subject is the people as the source of power.

The definition of politics determines its purpose as the achievement of well-being,

Definition of policy
compliance with established laws and regulations,development in all subordinate areas. Along with the goal of politics, its principles are of great importance. The goal is formed in the process of developing solutions, and the principles are used in the practical implementation of management.

The principles of politics are the rules according to whichactivities of bodies and institutions for the management of society are being conducted, which are based on the laws of its functioning and development. Allocate general and sectoral policy principles. General are equally used in any type of political activity, they are universal. This is the principle of objectivity, the main link, feedback, concreteness, optimality, compliance with legal norms. Specific principles are applied in certain areas of society. For example, only in public policy.

Political activity is
Principles help to better understand what ispolicy and how it should be implemented. Especially important role is played by social and economic principles, as economic and social policy is priority in any society. The implementation of the principles of economic and social policy led in the developed countries to the formation of a welfare economy and a welfare state.

A very important principle that explains what ispolitics, and how it can be influenced, is the principle of the susceptibility of politics with the reaction of society. He affirms the foundations of democracy, according to which citizens have great opportunities to participate in the governance process.

Politics is an extensive and complex system of interaction, from the effective functioning of the elements of which the well-being of society directly depends.