An exciting question: why can not a man cum?

It is believed that only women are difficult to bring toorgasm. And men with this problem simply can not be. And if suddenly you encounter such an unpleasant surprise as the lack of orgasm in your partner, do not panic and consider that you simply do not attract him and do not satisfy him. Instead, think about why a man can not finish.

why a man can not come

The reasons for this phenomenon may be several, andBelieve me, with your unattractiveness they are not exactly connected - in this case, he would rather not start a sexual act. And the first reason why a man can not finish, is such a bad habit, as the use of alcoholic beverages. When exposed to alcohol sensation can be dulled, because the nerve receptors in this state work differently than on a sober head. So, perhaps, your lover just a little touched, which, in general, does not prevent him from recovering his reputation as a noble lover next time.

why a man does not end long
Another very common reason,why a man does not end long - stress. This can be both persistent hassles at work, and banal chronic fatigue. And a similar result leads to depression and the use of antidepressants. In this case, it is worth talking to your partner, find out what's bothering him so much, what exactly can affect the sexual life. But to treat such fatigue with the help of a violent sexual intercourse is not worth it. Instead, it is better to organize the man's favorite rest, which does not require such a significant tension from him. Go to the bath, massage him, watch a positive film together and even just do nothing - it can also help to recover from stress.

Sometimes the answer to the question of why a man does notcan end, lies in his own psychological problems. There is a kind of male perfectionists who, in their sexual lives, focus on the achievement of orgasm partner. In this pursuit of women's pleasure, they are so weaned from their own sensations that experiencing orgasm for themselves becomes a real problem for them. Check to see if your friend is in this category of men, and if so, you might need to tell him how to please personally. And after that find out what he likes, and offer to change roles in bed - to experience an orgasm to both.

how to make a man come to an end
Very rarely the reason why a man does notcan end, lies in the field of medicine. However, there is such a diagnosis - anorgasmia. It is put exclusively by the specialist andrologist on the basis of the examination of a man, if problems with sex arise quite regularly. The cause may be diseases of the genitourinary organs, problems with the endocrine system, congenital anomalies, taking certain medications, nervous breakdown. Depending on the reason, the doctor prescribes appropriate treatment.

So if suddenly your partner could not testorgasm, before making hasty conclusions, worrying or thinking about how to make a man come to an end, think about the reasons why this problem arose, and then look for ways to solve it.