Politics as a public phenomenon: relations about power

Some politicians are admired, but more oftenpoliticians are scolded. Almost every elderly man is convinced that he could become an ideal official (minister, president). But, strictly speaking, not every such "activist" knows the definition of political science. Although he likes to speculate about who does what and what is wrong. And even "politics as a social phenomenon" - this is generally incomprehensible to him. Therefore, let's talk about politics, but not on the everyday, but on a scientific level, to differ from the chatterboxes.

politics as a social phenomenon
Are monks engaged in politics?

Politics can exist only where there isformed society, although parts of it can be quite independent, and the state itself is very conditional. An example is the church community of Mount Athos. They have something like a democratically arranged council, but as a result, every monastery lives by its own laws. Is there any politics among monks of Athos as a social phenomenon? Yes there is. Because there is at least a weak and conditional, but power.

Damned problems of political science

Philosophy of politics deals with fundamentalconcepts and problems related to politics. Such as the problem of personal freedom, social justice, the justification of pressure by the government, the protection of the state by private life, the duties of members of society, private property and the social need for some mechanisms of repression, for example, the state's police system.

philosophy of politics
Politics as a social phenomenon is eventhose who are far from it. And according to one well-known aphorism, even if you do not take political actions, the politician takes them with you. So to run away to the modern person is useless. It is better to understand.

The concept itself

Political science - the science of the nature of power and powerinteraction between members of society, the problems of achieving individual and collective goals and protecting the interests of individuals and communities, united according to different principles, such as: general profession, religion, national origin. Each group of people tries to ensure that their interests are defended in one way or another at the level of state policy. This is connected with the phenomenon of lobbying - the pressure of groups on the government to change inconvenient for the group of laws.

The world is ruled by money

definition of political science
It is believed that before politics was greaterforce phenomenon, and now it has become more diplomatic. But this is difficult to agree with. The struggle of interests has only intensified, as more and more funds are concentrated in the same hands, and yet politics has very deep economic roots. Politics as a social phenomenon is very strongly connected with the distribution of material wealth in society. And the amount of money often decides how influential this or that person is.

However, political science deals not only with studyingpower relations. She is also interested in the problems of the types of leadership, and human rights, and the justification of the operation of certain laws and political freedoms. Therefore, in the field of political science, each person will find something interesting for himself personally, since the field for research is wide, and the composition of spheres is diverse.