Who played the role of Tauriel? Actress Evangeline Lilly: biography, interesting facts

Evangeline Lilly was born in Canada on August 3, 1979 in a Christian Christian family, her father and grandmother were engaged in missionary work in Africa.


Since childhood, Lilly has been an active child, she is notonly took a great interest in sports, but she was also the deputy president of the school pupil's council, she was pleased to study. At age 13, she was carried away by Tolkien's work, reading the trilogy "The Hobbit." Tauriel actress from this work will play later.

Tauriel actress

At the age of 18, Lilly went toThe Philippines, together with a missionary group, where she lived in conditions far from civilization. After the trip, the girl was offered to engage in this activity for two years, and she almost agreed, but her parents were against it.

In her youth, the girl did not shun the most severework: engaged in technical maintenance of trucks, moonlighting as a waitress and stewardess in order to pay for her studies at the university. And she even dreamed of becoming a manager in the company that installs oil wells.

Creative activity before the popularity

The girl actress became by chance: on the street, a model agency employee came to her with a card. Evangeline was skeptical about this kind of activity and for a long time did not dare to call the number, but at one point changed her mind. The first shootings were in commercials, sometimes it was possible to take part in television shows as extras.

The first time Lilly appeared as an actress inpainting "Judgment Day", which was broadcast on the American cable channel G4, after there was an episodic work in the film "Freddie v. Jason" (2003), where the actress played a schoolgirl. Then there were appearances in the episodes of the series "Smallville Secrets", "Royal Hospital".

Notable work in the cinema

In 2004, Lilly was casting the directorJ.J. Abrams, who planned to shoot a series about lost passengers on the island of the plane "Lost", the actress not without the help of an agent got one of the main roles. She played Keith Austin. Already before the shooting, there was a mess with the documents: for work in the US (the series was filmed in Hawaii), Lilly, who had Canadian citizenship, required a visa, which could not be obtained for a long time.

Hobbit tauriel actress

The creators of the film had to urgentlyto conduct a new casting, but by a lucky coincidence everything was resolved in favor of Evangeline. Success after the termination of work in this project was stunning: she was recognized as the sexiest woman in the world (TV Guide rating) and one of the most beautiful people on the planet (People magazine). In addition, she was nominated for several prestigious awards, two of which went to the actress, and handed a fee, which would be enough to not work for the rest of her life. After filming in the series, Evangeline decided to devote herself to charity, writing and motherhood, temporarily interrupting her acting career, which, according to her, was never a priority.

In October 2011, Lilly accepted the offerimmediately after reading the script to star in the movie "Living Steel" in the title role, where her partner was Hugh Jackman. Their tandem, according to Shawn Levy (the director of the picture), was very sexy.

Role of Tauriel

The role of Tauriel actress Evangeline Lilly (the film "The Hobbit") played in 2012 after the birth of her son.

Tauriel in translation from Scandinavian means"Forest Maiden" (taur - "forest", riel - female suffix, meaning "daughter", "girl"). This is a character written by screenwriters, appearing in the movie trilogy "The Hobbit." Tauriel Evangeline Lilly is a wood elf from Mirkwood and a warrior-leader of the elven guard of Thranduil.

tauriel actress evangeline lilly

The character of Taurel in the "Hobbit" is the onlyFemale, meeting in the trilogy and written specifically for Lilly. Tolkienists reacted ambiguously to the appearance of a new actor, invented not by the author of the cult book, but by screenwriters Peter Jackson and Frank Walsh. Evangeline herself claimed that she was also a fan of Tolkien's talent and since childhood she likes to read all of his works, and the appearance of Taurel was explained by the fact that the author simply did not want to describe every hero from the elven guard of Tranuel. For the filming of the painting did not require special preparation. Like Tauriel, actress Evangeline Lilly has sports skills, so all the tricks performed on her own. The only thing worth learning about is mastering the sword and bow, as well as the elven language.

The most noticeable appearance of the heroine in the secondpart of the painting "The Hobbit: Smaug's Wasteland", where the spectator has the opportunity to appreciate not only the strong-willed qualities of a fairy warrior girl, but her feminine essence in the love line with Kili.

Personal life

 tauriel evangeline lilly

Evangeline rarely appears in public andtries not to advertise their relationship with the opposite sex. Therefore, little is known about the novels of the actress: before filming in Lost, she was married for a short time to hockey player Murray Khon, the couple broke up because of Lilly's new affection for the actor-partner on Lost, Dominik Monaghan, who played Charlie Pace. The relationship between the young people lasted 4 years, talked about the engagement, but the couple suddenly broke up for everyone.

In May 2011, the press learned about the birth of a childLilly and Norman Kali - assistant director of "Lost". Currently, lovers live in a mansion in Hawaii, bring up two children (in 2015, a daughter was born) and do not rush to legalize relations.

Interesting Facts

tauriel actress evangeline lilly film hobbit

  • Lilly philosophically refers to life. In 2006, in Hawaii, wiring burned in her house, neither housing nor property could not be saved: Evangeline considered the incident a release from what had previously littered her life.
  • First-born Lilly is called Kahekili. He was named after the god of the storm, for the boy was born in Hawaii during the bad weather.
  • Evangeline is fluent in French.
  • The role of Tauriel, the actress believes, helped her to better navigate the characters of literary characters when writing her own books.
  • The first name of the actress is Nicole.
  • The actress is fond of surfing, canoeing, snowboarding, rock climbing. It is recognized that in films he adores climbing trees and participate in scenes with fights.
  • He considers himself to be a closed and unsociable, even boring person: "I'm ordinary, as I blow my nose and drool into the pillow."
  • Lilly is negative about Hollywood, in her opinion, this is Sodd and Gomorrah, from which you have to stay away.
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