Population of Krasnodar: dynamics, ethnic groups, employment

Krasnodar is a city located in the southThe Russian Federation is 1340 kilometers from Moscow. It is the center of the same name. Unofficially it is even called the southern capital of Russia. As of January 1, 2017, the population of Krasnodar and the eponymous territory is 2.89 million people. And it is constantly growing. Recently, the number of the region is expanding, including due to the influx of migrants from Ukraine. The population also grows naturally. Fertility exceeds mortality.

Krasnodar population

Dynamics of the population of Krasnodar

The city was founded in 1792 by ZaporozhyeCossacks, who moved to the Kuban after the Western Ciscaucasia became part of Russia. The fortress of Ekaterinodar was built in 1794. In those days it was the center of the Black Sea Cossacks. The last territory for the construction of the fortress was granted by Catherine the Great herself, in honor of which she was named. In 1920, when the Bolsheviks came to power, the city was renamed Krasnodar. At that time, more than one hundred thousand people lived there.

In 1796, the population of Krasnodar includedonly 760 women and 900 men. Over the next 60 years, it has grown fivefold. The population of Krasnodar in 1897 was already 65.6 thousand people. Over the next fifteen years, it doubled. In 1931, the population of Krasnodar was already 170 thousand people. Since 1937, the city has become the center of the same name. During the war, Krasnodar was occupied by the German army. In 1959, the city's population exceeded three hundred thousand people. Over the next twenty-five years, it has doubled. In 1991, the population of Krasnodar was 631 thousand people. Throughout the history of the city, except for the period from 1998 to 2001 and from 2005 to 2007, the number of its residents increased. The population of Krasnodar exceeded 700 thousand people in 2014. The agglomeration has about 1.34 million people. The city is permanently inhabited by a large number of unregistered people. This is clearly visible in the number of insurance policies purchased.

center of employment of the population of Krasnodar

Ethnic composition

The last census in Russia took placein 2010. In it participated 744995 Krasnodar. And only 23.16 thousand of them refused to indicate their nationality. As for the rest, 90.7% consider themselves Russians. This is the largest ethnic group in the city's population. Another 3.74% of Armenians are Armenians, 1.47% are Ukrainians. Among other ethnic groups in the population of the city are the Adygeans, Byelorussians, Tatars, Greeks, Georgians and Azerbaijanis.

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By districts

Administrative-territorial divisionKrasnodar includes 4 urban districts. The most populated of them is the Prikubansky. It differs and area. It is 474 square kilometers. The population of Krasnodar, which lives in the Prikubansky District, is 327.77 thousand people. On the second place - Karasunsky. It is home to 258.53 thousand people. Its area is 152 square kilometers. In the third place - the Western District. It is home to 179.41 thousand people. This is the smallest district by area. It is only 22 square kilometers. The most sparsely populated is the Central District. Its inhabitants are only 178.11 thousand people. The urban districts are subordinated to five rural ones. The latter includes 29 settlements.

employment of the population of Krasnodar

Information of the Center for Employment of the Population of Krasnodar

The city occupies a central position ineconomic sphere of the same name region. It concentrates the best human, intellectual and investment resources. Krasnodar is included in the list of cities that produce 60% of the world's gross domestic product. The city employs about 130 industrial enterprises. According to the Center of Employment of the population of Krasnodar, they employ about 120.5 thousand people. This is almost 30% of all able-bodied residents. The most dynamically developing branches are machine and instrument making. The employment center of the Krasnodar population in its reports constantly mentions the increase in construction workers. In terms of the volume of housing put into operation, the city is among the leaders - together with the capital of the Russian Federation and St. Petersburg. Well developed in the city and the scope of trade. The employment of the population of Krasnodar in the services sector is constantly growing. All spheres of the economy in the city are developing rapidly. The city is visited regularly by tourists. The purchase of housing in Krasnodar is considered prestigious among the wealthy inhabitants of the north of the country.