Malachite stone: properties and characteristics

Bright green mineral forming powderysubstances and needle crystals - this is malachite-stone. Its properties, both medical and magical, are very strong. Mineral found application in ancient Egypt, it was actively used in decorative cosmetics, made of it statuettes. It is believed that the stone is able to fulfill the desire, but also that it is a talisman for scientists and doctors.

Malachite stone is often used as achildren's amulet: it protects against colds, evil eye, various dangers. Our ancestors wore rings with this mineral in order to protect themselves from plague and cholera. There is an opinion, if for a long time to drink from a bowl of malachite, then the language of animals will become accessible for understanding. The stone perfectly combines with silver, which weakens its bad qualities, is most active in May.

malachite stone properties
In Romania, Zaire, Chile, Australia, Namibia,Zimbabwe, the United States, as well as in Russia in the Urals, there is malachite stone. Its properties have been known for many centuries, so its deposits are inexorably devastated. The mineral is used not only as jewelry, but also for various finishes, making figurines, cladding countertops, clocks, vases, boxes, etc.

Traditional healers appreciate malachite-stone. The properties of the mineral can effectively combat skin diseases, bronchial asthma, myopia and farsightedness. Beads from malachite improve the growth of hair, and the plates attached to the sore spots, can alleviate pain with rheumatism. The stone can help in the treatment of heart disease, spleen, lungs, pancreas. It perfectly influences the epiphysis, pituitary gland and calms the nervous system.

malachite stone
In addition to healing, also magical effectshows malachite-stone. Its properties are not only positive, but also negative. With inept use of the mineral, it can bring grief, attract bad people. In ancient times it was believed that he was able to make a person invisible, fulfill all desires. If malachite does not work, then it becomes very dangerous, especially for women. The stone strongly attracts the attention of the opposite sex, so its owner can be sexually abused. To neutralize the aggression of people around you, you should send the malachite stone to silver.

stone malachite
The mineral fits almost all the signs of the Zodiac,except the Virgin and Cancer. The most positive impact he has on Libra, because it emphasizes their attractiveness, also has a good effect on Taurus and Lviv. The mascot of malachite is recommended to be kept with those who wish to strengthen their attractiveness and be in the spotlight. Ideal for artists, provided that the stone will be decorated in platinum, silver or aluminum.

Malachite gives success in love, absorbs negativeprocesses, so you need to wash it often. The stone gives its owner ingenuity, wisdom and spiritual strength, in the body creates emotional and physical harmony. Malachite, set in gold, brings success in financial affairs. Blue-green azur-malachite clears the subconscious of anxiety, resentment, fear and obsession.