Saturn's favorite stones are sapphires

Sapphire stones are the highest class of preciousMinerals along with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. This is a kind of corundum. It has a lot of "fantasy" shades (green, yellow, orange, pink), but the most valued intensively-

sapphire stones
blue sapphires. The most high-quality stones and rich deposits are in Thailand, India and Sri Lanka. In Russia, there are no large deposits of sapphires, more often these are random finds in corundum, which are subject to faceting. The most famous domestic deposits are in the Urals and the Kola Peninsula. Ural stones sapphires have a pronounced gray shade, the Kola - a greenish reflection.

Modern industry exposes mineralsbefore selling the treatment to enhance, equalize or weaken the color. For example, exposure to diffusion stains the upper layers of stones in different colors, and heating makes sapphires with a gray hue of cornflower blue. These minerals are highly valued in jewelry, because they look great in cabochons and in faceting. In sapphires there is always rutile. Its fibers refract light in such a way that there arises

Sapphire Stone Photo
a six-beam star. In Russia, the mineral was called an azote blue, thereby determining how beautiful the sapphire stone is. The photo can not convey the play of light in this masterpiece of nature.

In the Ancient World, sapphire stones were considered sacredboth in the East and in Europe. Only the servants of the cults had the right to wear ornaments with them, because he represented devotion, modesty and indispensable chastity. One of the versions about the origin of the name of the mineral says that he "loves Saturn." Until the 19th century, sapphires were called all blue stones, and only with the development of chemistry did scientific, and not color separation, come into use.

Sapphire stones in Medieval Europe were considered to be stones of nuns and

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associated with love of truth, virtue,pure conscience, modesty and disinterestedness. There are Catholic traditions about a certain stone that helped the owner to distinguish lies from the truth. In modern practical magic, the gem of sapphire is used by those who want to know the world better and deeper. Decoration with this mineral establishes strong connections of the concrete person with the surrounding reality. It is believed that the best sapphire is suitable for people born in the constellation of Sagittarius: women are recommended to wear it on their chest, for example, in the form of a pendant, and for men - in the ring.

The oldest medical science in the world - Ayurveda- says that sapphires affect the heart chakra. But these stones are quite competent in solving problems with the kidneys, and with diseases of the genitourinary tract and bladder, and, among other things, have an antiviral effect. Many laboratory studies have shown that sapphires contribute to the effectiveness of treatment with both natural and chemical drugs. Moreover, wearing jewelry with this mineral can completely replace preventive measures for various diseases. But it's worthwhile to immediately warn: until the age of 35, the relationship with sapphire is contraindicated. This stone is serious, and it can only be worn by mature people.