Top 5 wives of Russian footballers

Russian football has long been not happy with itslevel. Football players wander around the field and are deprived of motivation. Running, scoring goals and winning matches - this is not at all interesting for Russian athletes. After all, wages can not do anything for the rest of their lives, why then once again overextend themselves. Big money is a scourge and utopia of Russian football. However, today we will not talk about this at all.

Multimillion contracts allow Russianfootball players live in expensive villas, ride sports cars and acquire exquisite and exclusive jewelry and accessories. And where there is big money and luxury, there will be young girls of model appearance. Today you will learn about how the wives of Russian footballers live. In parallel with this, you will read what they do in life and what are their favorite hobbies. Discuss all, of course, will not work, but the best known can not be ignored. Together with this we will form a small top of the most beautiful and sexy wives of Russian football players (photos are presented below).

Daria Glushakova, wife of midfielder Denis Glushakova

Daria met Denis when she wasonly 17 years old. The young man saw her walking in the park with her friends, after the next summer exam at school. After observing the girl he liked, Denis gathered his thoughts and went to get acquainted. As a result, the history of light flirting grew into true love and family relationships. Most recently, the couple had a second girl. By education, Daria is a dentist, however, she does not work anywhere - she is raising children. From her Instagram, you can understand that a young mother loves sports and an active lifestyle.

Wives of Russian football players

Daria Valitova, friend of striker Alexander Kokorin

The girl, although not the wife of a football player,But not to include it in this "top" was impossible. Daria Valitova is a locally known singer under the creative pseudonym "Ameli". Since 2014, the girl meets with the famous Russian football player Alexander Kokorin. The singer is struck by her beauty and forms. Daria Valitova loves to travel, play sports, sing and ride in her yellow "lamborghini".

Wives of Russian football players photo

Ekaterina Gerun, wife of goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev

Wives of Russian football players, as a rule, longtime is in the shadows, hiding from the cameras and the media. For several years the Russian press could not solve the riddle of Igor Akinfeev's heart. As it turned out, he has an incredibly beautiful and sexy wife. Ekaterina Gerun is an actress and a model. September 4, 2015, on the eve of the match between Russia and Sweden, the couple had a daughter Evangeline.

Wives and friends of Russian football players

Alana Mamaeva, wife of midfielder Pavel Mamaev

A real beauty and a loving mother of two children, Alana worked in the modeling business in the past. Now she is a housewife. Pavel Mamaev's wife has a very uncommon hobby - this is riding.

How do the wives of Russian football players live?

Natalia Ignashevich, the wife of the defender Sergei Ignashevich

Natalia met her future wife at the age of 27. Since childhood, the girl was engaged in artistic gymnastics - is a master of international class. Natalia worked as the leading program "Nebutbolnye istorii". Once Sergei Ignashevich himself took part in the program. Somehow miraculously these two met their eyes and, apparently, fell in love. At that time Sergei was already married and had two children. Literally a couple of months Ignashevich decides the issue of divorce and begins to meet with Natalia. After a while, the couple signs and gets two children. Thanks to his new wife Sergei became interested in theater and books.

Natalia Ignashevich

How do the wives of Russian footballers live?

Learn about how you live interestinga person, often, easily and simply. Nowadays, most people lead an active life in social networks, where every day they upload photos and short videos. Thanks to this we can watch the wives and girlfriends of Russian football players.

Expensive cars, big yachts, snow-white sand andblue ocean. As one of the interviews said the Russian goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev, who finished his career: "Life after football is". And if you go to the Instagram of his wife Catherine, then all that is said will be confirmed to a greater extent.

how do the wives of Russian footballers live

Wives of Russian football players rest in picturesqueplaces and are fond of various exotic hobbies, raise children and engage in small business. What else can you dream of a young and beautiful girl?