Entrepreneurship is a risky activity for the purpose of generating income

Entrepreneurship is one of the mostpopular types of economic activity rights. Based on the principle of generating income through the use of own resources and own capital, it is conducted by such business entities as entrepreneurs (individuals and legal entities). As a rule, an individual can only act as an individual entrepreneur. A huge number of existing organizational forms gives the legal person the opportunity to choose the most suitable.

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Entrepreneurship is classified based ondifferent signs. So, by size of activity, large, medium and small businesses are distinguished. State and private entrepreneurship is the main classification of this type of activity by forms of ownership. In addition, activity of this kind can be classified on the basis of legality: legal, illegal and pseudo-entrepreneurship. If the second type differs from the first in the absence of the necessary documents and licenses, the third one sets the goal of extracting profit or other interest without doing business as such.

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Entrepreneurship is a type of activity,which can be classified by scale: local, regional, national, international and world. The composition of the founders is also a sign of classification: at the present stage, women's and youth economic activities are distinguished.

Entrepreneurship is a kind of economic(high-profit and low-profit), the size of economic risks (high-risk, medium-risk and low-risk) and the growth rate (fast-growing and gradually increasing growth rate).

Today we should classify thiseconomic activity also from the point of view of introducing innovations in the process of creating a product or service. Relying on this feature, it is possible to distinguish traditional and innovative entrepreneurship.

The number of people participating in the activity is alsocan serve as a classification factor. So, by the number of participants, individual and collective entrepreneurship is distinguished. The mechanism of creation and the established management processes of the organization underlie the classification of business organizations into simple and complex ones.

innovative entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship is exclusivelyindependent activity, providing for the possibility of working in a variety of ways. Economic risks related to this economic activity also fall entirely on the shoulders of the entrepreneur. It is this factor that entails responsibility. Based on this concept, companies that bear full, joint or subsidiary liability are distinguished.

At the same time, any company, any organization or individual directs all efforts to a single channel, which includes two basic principles:

- receipt of the planned income;

- effective use of all available resources (labor, financial, material and technical, etc.).