Lake Flathead, USA: description, photo

The most amazing lake in the world is located inthe US state of Montana, in the north-west. Its peculiarity is that it is rightly recognized as the largest freshwater reservoir in the US and the most transparent not only in America, but all over the world. Its deepest point reaches 113 meters (which is much higher than the depth of the Yellow Sea), but thanks to the crystalline transparency of the water, a shallow water sensation is created, because it is easy to consider all the pitfalls, sunken logs and the fish that live there. The size of the largest source of freshwater in the United States is almost 44 km in length and 25 km in width. It's about a pond like Lake Flathead.

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Numerous rivers, the largest of which Missouri and Columbia, originate from the deep-water lakes of Montana.

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Forms of the line of the Flathead coast are very unusual, andsometimes even precipitous. Sometimes in the middle of the lake open spaces there are small areas of land with amazing flora and fauna. One of the largest in terms of area of ​​the islands in this pond is named after. "Wild Horse".

Lake Flathead - the present state of Montana. Here you can find a rare bald eagle, which became the main symbol of America, large deer, wild sheep and other representatives of the local fauna. You can visit the Wild Horse Island National Park any day. The only condition is that it is strictly forbidden to sleep there for the purpose of preserving the virgin nature of the island.

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The most visited lake appeareddue to the melting of glaciers. Initially, it was larger and had the name Missoula. In addition to the fact that Lake Flathead (Montana, USA) is the most beautiful natural property of the state, it is also vital for local settlements throughout the district.


In 1938 a dam was erected here,called Kerr, which gave rise to the river of the same name with the lake. On the basis of the dam, a local HPP was built, which provides the entire staff with electricity. Its construction allowed raising the level of water in the reservoir for an additional 3 m, which previously was about 880 m.

Fishing and plants

Local tribes and settlements every dayengaged in various types of fisheries, bringing them a stable income - fishing, breeding, selling fish, cooking dishes for tourists. And, of course, it is necessary to pay tribute to the tourism business, because this resort town with beautiful panoramic views is very popular among American and European travelers.

Lake Flathead from the very beginning of winter is buried inflowering cherry trees, which dotted the entire coastline. Majestic high-mountain landscapes, luscious green emerald greenery and snowy peaks attract tens of thousands of tourists annually from all over the Americas and Canada, as well as Europe.

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The flora and fauna of the lake itself is not as diverse as that of its shores. Often there are large shoals of large trout or yellow perch.

Tourist areas

This natural landmark isinteresting for many tourists. Lake Flathead (USA) has many beautiful places. Currently presented a huge number of unmatched photos.

The coast of the lake is simply dotted with smallhotel buildings of different levels, where every guest who comes to relax in the most amazing corner of the state of Montana, will be able to decide on the ideal place to stay for themselves regarding personal needs and financial opportunities. And the fact that in local cafes and restaurants you can always try a variety of interpretations of fish dishes with an unforgettable taste, there can be no doubt.

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Leisure tourists can spend for fascinatingfishing in the middle of such a reservoir as Lake Flathead, having taken a swim in an inflatable boat or a small boat. It is also proposed to just relax on the comfortable coastal beach areas and soak up the warm crystal clear lake water, taking memorable photos of an unforgettable vacation on the most unique body of water in the world.

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This place really should be visited by, even if he lives in another country. It fully justifies the fare here. You should contact the special company where you can hire a guide. Lake Flathead (Montana, USA) is one of the coolest places in America. Come and see for yourself!