Foreign Policy of Russia

Foreign policy of Russia is carried outsimultaneously with the development of society as a whole. So, after the USSR ceased to exist, a completely new stage in the interaction of our state with other countries of the world began. And by January 1992 Russia had been recognized by 131 states.

foreign policy of Russia
The history of Russia's foreign policy todayis based on the choice of the main priority - the creation of the CIS as a new form of equal and voluntary cooperation between the former Soviet republics. The agreement on the formation of this Commonwealth was signed on December 8, 1991. in Minsk, and in January 1993 the CIS Charter was adopted. However, today the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) has lost some of its relevance, and at the same time, the documents adopted by the coordinating bodies, from settling issues of cooperation on economic issues to protecting the environment, began to lose value. The process of disintegration of those economic ties that operated before the end of the existence of the USSR became quite alarming.

Russia's foreign policy in recent yearsis aimed at improving relations with Georgia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Our state has become the only participant in the implementation of peacekeeping tasks in the so-called "hot spots" of the CIS (in Georgia, Moldova and Tajikistan).

Recently, quite complex and complexan intricate relationship with Ukraine. Friendship, cooperation and allied ties correspond to the interests of the peoples of these two countries, but the ambition and mutual distrust of specific politicians of these countries gradually led to a prolonged stagnation in their relations.

concept of Russia's foreign policy
The concept of Russia's foreign policy is based on the following priorities:

- the place of the Russian Federation in a volatile world geopoliticalof the situation. So, after the collapse of the USSR with the further creation of the CIS, a completely new foreign policy situation has developed for our state. Deep changes in the geostrategic and geopolitical situation made it necessary to rethink the role and place of Russia in the system of relations at the international level;

- Russia's foreign policy to a large extentdepends on external factors that weaken the state's position in the international arena. Within the current geopolitical situation, our state has faced a huge number of problematic issues. Due to changes in the political, economic and ideological situation in Russia, its foreign policy activity is sharply reduced.

history of foreign policy of Russia
From the reduction of economic potentialthe defensibility of the state suffered significantly, as a result it was pushed aside to the north-east, while losing the merchant fleet, about half of the sea ports and direct access to the sea routes in the West and South.

Russia's foreign policy is carried out in the direction of integrating our state into a world-class market and harmonizing the political orientation of the course with the politicians of the world's leading powers.