National economy, what is this?

National economy is a concept thatwas introduced into scientific circulation by such scientists as R. Bar. This term implies a combination of the most complex social, economic, technological and organizational relationships that operate in various sectors of the economy and are constantly intertwined, in constant interaction.

The national economy is

The national economy of Russia includes several levels, among which it should be noted:

  • Federal, or, as it is called, nationwide.
  • The regional level considers economic relations on the scale of individual regions.
  • The intra-regional level marks the division of labor between individual economic entities of the Russian Federation.

In addition, there is acomplexes, for example, agro-industrial or military-industrial. If we talk about individual enterprises and organizations, in this case there is also a division into divisions, workshops, and laboratories.

national economy of russia

The national economy is a concept,formed under the influence of many factors of an organizational, social, structural or political nature. The economy of any state is formed under the influence of economic laws, that is, objective interdependencies and cause-and-effect relationships that determine the emergence of conditions that are not amenable to the influence and desires of people. Thus, the existing relationships take place as long as these conditions are preserved.

If we talk about the legislative component, thenThe national economy is a term that is officially enshrined in the body of legislation in force. The proposed regulations define rules for concluding transactions at various levels of the economy. Moreover, a system of indicators characterizing the state of the national economy both on the international scene and within the framework of individual economic entities has been developed and institutionalized. Among such indicators first of all it is necessary to allocate the gross domestic product, national wealth, personal income and gross national product. At present, the national economy is a complex of interacting enterprises, the number of which exceeds two million.

national economy definition

In the process of interaction of enterprises of variousindustries and spheres of functioning, as a rule, many kinds of resources are used, including natural, material, labor and, of course, financial. All of them actively participate in the reproduction process of the state, ensuring an uninterrupted process of creation, distribution, exchange and consumption.

According to the aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion aboutThe fact that the national economy - a definition of a fairly broad, with a variety of facets. That is why analysts involved in the study of the state of the national economy have to consider many areas of entrepreneurial activity in the interaction of certain subjects, objects of study and selected methodological characteristics.